Han Hye-jin "I will make money, I want my boyfriend to do the housework"
Han Hye-jin "I will make money, I want my boyfriend to do the housework"
The opinions of the MCs of ‘Interference in Love’ are divided.

In the 227th episode of KBS JOY's 'Love Interference', which airs at 10:30 pm on the 28th, the story of a troubled woman who is shocked by her boyfriend's declaration that he will become a full-time housewife after marriage is broadcast.

A 30-year-old troubled woman said that she met her boyfriend, who was four years older than her, as a senior/junior colleague at work, and that they began dating after falling in love with his homely and sweet side, as he prepared lunch boxes for the troubled woman several times while she worked overtime.

For a distressed woman suffering from low blood pressure, he stops by the distressed woman's house two to three times a week before going to work and prepares breakfast for the distressed woman. He also started doing all the household chores on behalf of the busy distressed woman, as well as organizing laundry and worn-out underwear. Accordingly, in the studio, there were polarizing reactions to the boyfriend who did housework and even cooked. Hyejin Han says, “I wish my boyfriend would do the housework for me.”

Then one day, the boyfriend proposed, saying, ‘I want to be a good husband who will support his mother,’ and the troubled woman accepted. After that day, there was nothing decided about marriage, but my boyfriend decided to take a leave of absence and become a good father by participating in various experiences at the baby fair, purchasing baby bottles in advance, and taking newborn care classes.

In the end, the story of the troubled woman who is confused by her boyfriend who quit his job without consulting her and sent all his assets to her and announced that he would become a full-time housewife will be broadcast on KBS JOY at 10:30 pm today (28th).

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google