Kim Wooseok to hold fan concert in June
Kim Wooseok to hold fan concert in June
Actor Kim Wooseok meets Japanese fans at a fan concert.

The fan concert will feature the new beginning of Kim Wooseok, who has been active as a singer and actor in the global market, under the theme 'AWAKEN'. Kim Wooseok, who has grown into an all-rounder by both singing and acting, visits Japan a year after the fan concert 'THE SIREN', which was a successful Asian tour last year.

Kim Wooseok's Japanese fan concert will be held twice each in Tokyo and Osaka. Tokyo's concerts will be held at Ota Citizens' Hall Aprico on June 14 at 2pm and 6pm, and Osaka's will be held at Zepp Namba on June 16th at 1pm. The event starts at 5 o'clock.

Kim Wooseok, who gained popular love as a singer, played the lead role in the web drama 'Twenty Twenty' in 2020 and showed stable acting. In the coming-of-age romance web drama 'Twenty Twenty', which depicts the unfamiliar deviations of twenty-year-old college students, she plays the role of 'Lee Hyun-jin', a lonely person, and overcomes her wounds by having a thrilling relationship with Han Seong-min (played by Chae Da-hee), who has a similar pain as herself. The process was portrayed well, drawing sympathy from viewers in their 20s.

Afterwards, in tvN's 'Bulgasal', he played the role of 'Nam Do-yoon', who has a dark side hidden behind his brightness, and received favorable reviews for his three-dimensional acting. In 'Finland Papa', which aired on Channel Cinema Heaven, he portrayed Pure Ae-bo with his innocent appearance and boyish charm. It showed the standard. In addition, in the U+Mobile TV original 'It's Night', Kim Wooseok is conscientiously consolidating his filmography by thoroughly expressing the internal psychological changes of the character 'Kim Jun-hee' amid unpredictable events.

Tickets for Kim Wooseok's fan concert will go on sale at 'Rakuten Ticket' starting May 28th.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google