Yujin Ahn passed the license exam in one attempt
Yujin Ahn passed the license exam in one attempt
Ive Ahn Yu-jin clearly showed off her presence in ‘Thop, Ttip, Bbang, Bbang’.

Ahn Yu-jin appeared in the first episode of tvN's new entertainment program 'Jirak's Jump Bbang', which first aired on the 24th, and showed off her pleasant chemistry with the members of 'Bbong Bbung Earth Arcade'.

The 'Jiraksil' members who decided to go on a 4-day, 3-night self-trip promised to obtain their driver's licenses by the day of the trip at the time of the mid-term inspection. Ahn Yu-jin, who passed the driver's license test in one go and obtained a driver's license, showed passion by driving the Gapyeong course she would go with the members in advance before filming.

An Yu-jin, who put the members in a ground car and departed for their destination Gapyeong, reassured the members by starting the drive smoothly, unlike her nervousness.

Producer Na Young-seok presented Ahn Yu-jin with the task of ordering food at a drive-thru, and a difficult moment came right away. While turning a narrow corner, the left rear wheel of the car went up on the curb, and An Yu-jin's mentality was shaken drastically.

Producer Na Young-seok, who rushed to the scene, calmly calmed Ahn Yu-jin down and calmly explained how to get out of the corner. Thanks to the encouragement of PD Na and the members, An Yu-jin managed to regain her mental strength and finished her first, sweaty drive-thru order.

Ahn Yu-jin, who was relieved of her tension, ran towards Gapyeong with stable driving. However, he failed to maintain an appropriate distance from the pass issuing machine, making viewers laugh with his cute appearance as a novice driver.

Ive, to which Yujin Ahn belongs, recently completed activities for its second EP album 'IVE SWITCH'. Starting in June, they plan to meet global fans around the world through their first world tour, ‘IVE THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘SHOW WHAT I HAVE’.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google