Lee Chan-won, in his 20s, cries over being called ‘uncle’
Lee Chan-won, in his 20s, cries over being called ‘uncle’
Singer Lee Chan-won is humiliated by ‘violin prodigy’ Kim Dam-hyun. He falls into despair after winning as uncle in the three stages of 'brother, uncle, uncle'.

Episode 659 of KBS2's 'Immortal Songs', which will air on the 25th, will feature the '2024 New Kids on the Masterpieces' episode.

Unlike other times, in the talk waiting room filled with relatively young cast members, an untimely 'controversy over the title' arose, and Kim Dam-hyun drew attention by answering "Mister" without the slightest hesitation when asked about Son Jun-ho, "Does he look like an uncle or an older brother?" . Accordingly, Kim Ki-tae, who is the same age as Son Jun-ho, takes the mound, and Kim Dam-hyeon comments that Kim Ki-tae is “like an uncle,” making people laugh. On the other hand, he smiles brightly and says, “Oh Eun-cheol is my older brother.”

Kim Dam-hyeon then calls Kim Soo-chan “uncle” without hesitation. Kim Soo-chan, hearing this, jumps up from his seat and makes a gesture of refusing to be recorded, making people laugh. MC Kim Jun-hyeon, who saw this, asked, “Is Lee Chan-won your older brother or uncle?” MC Lee Chan-won opened his eyes wide and made an expectant expression. Lee Chan-won, born in 1996, had high expectations because he was two years younger than Oh Eun-cheol, born in 1994.

After only a moment of anticipation, Kim Dam-hyun says “uncle” without hesitation, making Lee Chan-won cry. Chan-won Lee responded in disbelief, saying, “Get rid of the car,” while Soo-chan Kim, who earned the title “uncle,” responded with satisfaction, saying, “Uncle is better.”

This ‘2024 New Kids on the Masterpieces’ brings together famous prodigies who are excelling in their own fields. Prodigies who will lead the Korean art world in the future team up with seniors in each field to stage a collaborative performance. Gu Min-jung , ‘violin prodigy’ Kim Dam-hyun, ‘K-pop prodigy’ Jeong Cho-ha, and ‘stunt cheerleading prodigy’ Cheon Ji-ho are expected to show off their unique charm, talent, and talent.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google