Bae Hyeon "I want to replace my 10-year-old dad's car"
Bae Hyeon "I want to replace my 10-year-old dad's car"
'Miss Trot 3' father and daughter Bae Hyeon took a step closer to each other by making unforgettable memories on their first trip together.

'Dad and Me', which aired on the 22nd, ranked first among all Wednesday comprehensive programs with a viewership rating of 4.6% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide standard), and recorded the highest viewership rating of 5.0% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide standard).

On this day, Bae Hyeon headed to Wanju, Jeollabuk-do to meet her grandmother who wanted to see her granddaughter. Bae Hyun, who was on her first trip alone with her father, expressed concern, saying, "How am I going to ride for three hours... what are we going to talk about?" On the other hand, Bae Hyun's father affectionately fastened his daughter's seat belt and expressed his excitement about his first trip with his daughter, saying, "I thought about how to make it fun and make her laugh." Bae Hyun Bae, who was traveling in her father's 10-year-old work truck with 150,000 km of history, said, "He has a bad back, but the ride was not good," and said that he wanted to make a lot of money and give his father a car as a gift. In response, Bae Hyun's father expressed his true feelings, saying, "I don't want my daughter to receive something like that with the money she worked hard to earn. It's a great gift that my daughter is doing well, so I don't want anything more." And Bae Hyun, who had been yawning repeatedly due to her busy schedule, soon fell into a deep sleep. Bae Hyun's father said, "When I saw the comfortable face of my daughter sleeping, I wanted to protect her as a parent." He drove for three hours non-stop from Seoul without stopping at a rest stop and arrived in Wanju, impressing people with his affectionate fatherly love.

Excited by the appearance of her granddaughter, Bae Hyun's grandmother surprised everyone with her 'K-brunch' that made her upper legs bend, as well as 'Jinfan mode', which reads YouTube, news articles, and even comments. Next, Bae Hyeon's family headed to the senior center, which was packed with the grandmother's friends and local residents. Bae Hyun passionately sang ‘Today is a Young Day’ and ‘Soyang River Maiden’, expressing her gratitude for those who supported her during the ‘Miss Trot 3’ contest. Bae Hyun's grandmother, who was really excited by her granddaughter's singing, showed off her shoulder dance, and Bae Hyun said, "It felt better than singing on any good stage. I felt proud and happy because I felt like I had lifted my grandmother's shoulders." “He expressed his feelings. And Bae Hyun's father expressed his pride, saying, "I'll just say one thing about how I feel. I had a good daughter, I raised her well."

After successfully completing the 'Senior Citizens' Concert', Bae Hyun headed to her father's large house with a cool valley view that boasts a spectacular view. Bae Hyeon expressed her worries by saying, "What kind of memories should I make with my father when I come to the beautiful valley?" and then naturally spent time with her father through 'Mulsujebi'. Bae Hyun's all-time reaction was poured out to the 'water swallow craftsman' father's crazy stone throwing. In response, Bae Hyun's father taught the water-subjebi strategy, saying, "Choosing a stone is the most important thing," and "You shouldn't do it from a high place," and showed a kind side by handing each stone he had selected for his daughter. After the two of them on their date in the valley, Bae Hyun's father said, "I felt that my daughter was trying to approach me more actively," and Bae Hyun said sincerely, "For the first time, I played with my father like friends. There was nothing awkward about it." .

Bae Hyun Bae's father then confessed his sad feelings about his daughter's hardships during the 'Miss Trot 3' contest. He said, "I came home early in the morning after practice and fell asleep without even taking off my makeup. I had to go to the shop early in the morning again the next morning and then go to the recording... I felt sorry." In response to her cousin's story that requests for autographs are pouring in from all over the country, Bae Hyun's father said, "I can't talk to her because I always come in exhausted. When I leave for work in the morning, I go down the stairs with my daughter holding my heels because I'm afraid she'll wake up." When Bae Hyun said, "I don't remember playing with my dad at all when I was young. I feel good because I made good memories today," her dad recalled, "Looking back on my life, I think I only knew about work." At the same time, he said, "I never even thought about sitting in a valley like this and eating boiled rice. All I could think about was how I couldn't live in the past. Only now are these scenery slowly coming into my eyes," creating a feeling of despair. At the end of her first trip with her father, Bae Hyun Bae said, “I am happy because today I feel like my dream of a harmonious family that I had longed for has come true today,” and Bae Hyun’s father said, “I can see the comfortable face of my daughter sleeping next to me as I drive.” “It was the happiest moment when I saw it,” he confessed.

Park Si-hoo and his wife, who had been away for a while, appeared for the first time in eight weeks. Park Si-hoo invited his father to Mongolia, the filming location of 'God's Orchestra,' his comeback film after 9 years, and showed off their first overseas travel story. Park Si-hoo's father impressed his son with a set of three side dishes and a hearty chicken stew that he made in Korea for his son who was struggling in a foreign country. Park Si-hoo's fellow actors Kang Seung-wan and Seo Dong-won were invited to the dinner as guests. Seo Dong-won threatened Park Si-hoo's position as the 'sloppy son' by being more like a son than a son. After a satisfying meal, a 'silent rich' push-up competition took place with a bet on dishwashing. Before the game even started, Park Si-hoo showed weakness, saying, "My father is strong," while Park Si-hoo's father was confident, saying, "I exercise on a regular basis to take care of my body," and "I usually do about 100 exercises." Park Si-hoo, who started first, worked so hard that the blood rushed to his face, but he recorded 67 points despite sabotage such as "Aren't you too persistent?" and "Are you going to go to the Olympics?" Next, Park Si-hoo's father displayed power that was hard to believe for a 79-year-old, breaking Park Si-hoo's record with 68.

The next day, Park Si-hoo's father visited his son's movie set. Park Si-hoo's father, who watched his son's acting up close for the first time, said, "Acting is not an easy task, but I was happy to see that he was good at it." Park Si-hoo said, "I was proud to be able to show my father a different side of me. I thought he would be proud of me." Meanwhile, due to the actor's filming difficulties on set, an offer to appear suddenly came to my father. Park Si-hoo's father was a 'first-generation model' and worked as a model for various advertisements and fashions, but his dream of becoming an actor was frustrated due to his height being too tall to match his co-star. He accepted the offer to appear, saying, "I think it will be memorable if I appear in a work like Sihoo." Park Si-hoo's father, who completely transformed into the role of a general, impressed people with his acting skills that were worthy of his son's role right from the rehearsal. However, when the actual filming began, there were repeated NGs due to nervousness, and a special lecture was given by the son, an actor with '19 years of experience.' Park Si-hoo's father, who had a good sense of this, showed off his natural acting and received applause from the staff and actors. Park Si-hoo's father expressed humility and said, "I did as my son told me with the mindset of learning," and Park Si-hoo, who watched his father's challenges, said, "It was meaningful to be able to fulfill my father's long-standing wish."

Next week, the second story of Park Si-hoo and his wife's first overseas trip unfolding in the great nature of Mongolia, and a special date between WJSN's Soobin, the 'MZ daughter representative' armed with empathy and honesty, and her father, a 'veteran manager' with a former wrestler, will be revealed. . TV CHOSUN ‘Daddy and Me’ airs every Wednesday at 10 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google