“I’m not a fanatic” Jaehee cleared of fraud charges
“I’m not a fanatic” Jaehee cleared of fraud charges
Actor Jaehee was cleared of fraud charges. He was accused of fraud by his former manager, Mr. A.

On the morning of the 22nd, Jaehee's agency, J Ground, announced, "Seoul Gangseo Police Station did not accept the claim of Mr. A, who filed a complaint for fraud. The investigation was concluded with no charges against Jaehee." He continued, “We will respond by filing a complaint against Mr. A for spreading false information, defamation, and making false accusations.”

It was previously reported that Jaehee was accused of fraud at the end of February after failing to repay money borrowed from her former manager, Mr. A. Mr. A claimed that Jae-hee lent him 60 million won in February last year because she wanted to open an acting academy, but Jae-hee did not repay the loan and lost contact with him. According to reports, Mr. A was in charge of Jaehee's management for about 6 years.

Jaehee denied the allegations on her channel, saying, "I am sorry for hurting the hearts of many people who care about me with one-sided words that do not reflect the truth. I will do my best to spread the truth. I am not a pushover actor."

He also announced on the 20th that he would sign an exclusive contract with content production company J Ground and continue his active activities. Jay Ground welcomed Jaehee's joining, saying, "We will spare no effort in supporting Jaehee so that she can focus solely on her work."

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google