HYBE once again refuted the claims of ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.
HYBE once again refuted the claims of ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.
As the conflict between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin continues, HYBE once again refuted CEO Min Hee-jin's claims.

HYBE said in an official statement on the 19th, "We express regret over the behavior of CEO Min Hee-jin, who distributed a statement that put personal feelings first at a time when an important legal judgment is about to be made." He then expressed regret, saying, "I hope that the artist will not be mentioned in this matter, but I also believe that the behavior of directly involving the artist and the artist by highlighting it is very inappropriate."

HYBE said, "CEO Min Hee-jin has been covering up the essence of the issue with inflammatory words and actions and emotional appeals. She is once again revealing such intentions in this statement, but her intentions and execution are only revealed by numerous evidence and facts." claimed. He continued, “There are numerous records of CEO Min Hee-jin’s conversation about how he contacted various investors and what he intended to attract them with.” In addition, he pointed out, "Clear evidence remains of attempts to take over management rights, irrational shamanistic management, and disparaging remarks about female office workers and artists. All of these are inappropriate for a CEO to lead the company and are very serious grounds for disqualification."

HYBE said, "Our company has never pieced together any data. We told the court that we had obtained the relevant data through legal procedures and submitted the original text. Nevertheless, CEO Min Hee-jin criticized the media for 'illegally acquired data' and 'stitched data.' “You are lying.” He added, "I hope that CEO Min Hee-jin will not put the artist first or issue a statement to the media, but will respond to the audit even now and faithfully participate in the investigation and judicial procedures."

On this day, CEO Min Hee-jin issued a statement refuting HYBE's claim that it met with external investors to seize management rights. He explained that the meeting was a meal at the invitation of an acquaintance, and that he ended up meeting Dunamu and Naver officials regardless of his intentions. He also said that after the leaked KakaoTalk conversation was revealed, NewJeans members sent him text messages of consolation.

The request for provisional injunction filed by CEO Min Hee-jin to the court is expected to be concluded before the ADOR extraordinary general meeting of shareholders scheduled for the 31st. It is reported that all five NewJeans members submitted a petition to the court.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google