New Jeans Minji “We are solid rabbits”…said they're doing fine
New Jeans Minji “We are solid rabbits”…said they're doing fine
Minji of the group New Jeans became a hot topic by revealing her feelings during the Hive internal scandal.

On the morning of the 18th, Minzy said through the fan communication platform 'Poning', "New Jeans is stronger than what the Bunnies think and worry about! Didn't I tell you that we are bunnies with gangs and guns?" Minji then made a cute joke, saying, "Hop, jump, jump. You know guns are a joke, right? Bullets of love."

The public is interpreting Minzy's remarks as conscious of the management conflict between Adore CEO Min Hee-jin and Hive.

It was previously reported that all New Jeans members submitted a petition to the court. This is the first time an official voice has been spoken about this incident. According to Sejong Law Firm, Adore's legal representative, on the 18th, it was reported that the petition was filled with content to the effect that CEO Min should not be dismissed.

CEO Min has emphasized that he has a special relationship with New Genes members. At an emergency press conference on the 25th of last month, he said, "Normally Hae-rin is silent. She has a very cat-like personality. But she made a video call in the middle of the night. She said, 'I wanted to send you a text, but I couldn't speak,' and 'I called because I wanted to hear your voice.'" “I wondered if this was what raising someone was like,” she said, shedding tears.

However, on the 17th, it came as a shock when it was revealed that CEO Min had made an outspoken disparaging remark about New Genes in a private conversation.

On the 17th, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, who used to be an entertainment reporter, revealed a record of an SNS conversation in which CEO Min criticized New Genes without hesitation through a video on the YouTube channel 'Entertainment Back President Jin-ho Lee'.

In the conversation records, CEO Min did not hesitate to use abusive language, mentioning certain members' body types. Jinho Lee said, “The members’ names were mosaic.” He made remarks such as “They didn’t become popular because they were good,” “They’re elementary school students who get scolded because they can’t lose even a single inch of weight,” and “Wow, you bitch.” He also ridiculed New Jeans fans, saying, "They are so crazy about these thoughtless kids that they are fans."

Despite Hive's internal scandal, New Jeans is set to make a comeback as scheduled on the 24th, and the public's support for them continues.

In response to Minzy's remarks, which seemed to be conscious of the voices of concern toward New Jeans, the public commented, "It's great that she doesn't whine in any situation, doesn't show that she's having a hard time, and shows a strong and bright side," and "Minji is cute, proud, and really smiles thanks to New Jeans." Minji, let’s do our best, New Jeans,” he said, “I envy you for being mentally strong and strong. Isn’t this ‘real venom’?”

Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google