Hyuna confesses to extreme diet
Hyuna confesses to extreme diet
Singer Hyuna's home was revealed for the first time, and the story of how she had great difficulties with dieting in the past was revealed.

In the 298th episode of MBC's entertainment program 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', which aired on the night of the 11th, the filming site of Hyuna's choreography video, which returned after two years, and Hong Hyun-hee's tumultuous visit to her in-laws with Shoptung, Maettung, and Cheontung were depicted.

On this day's broadcast, Hyuna revealed her life with her dog 'Sogeum'. Also, a house full of her tastes appeared next to Hyuna, who got up to feed Sogeum, catching everyone's attention. Inside Hyuna's house, her touches were everywhere, including hand-painted wallpaper and self-cut curtains. Moreover, Hyuna surprised observers with her extraordinary dexterity, such as enjoying the hobby of 'bag decorating', which has recently become popular on social media. In addition, Hyuna brought smiles to Sogeum's likes and dislikes, such as snacks and walks, and the fantastic tiki-taka that she pushed and pulled.

Meanwhile, Hyuna, who left home with her manager, visited her favorite prop shop. Hyuna couldn't take her eyes off the cute props and put a lot of them in her shopping cart, showing that she was more sincere about the props than anyone else. On the other hand, the manager headed to a cafe to eat dessert, leaving Hyuna enjoying shopping, and the manager's polar opposite tastes, which were the exact opposite of Hyuna's, brought laughter.

Hyuna, who bought a lot of gifts from the staff at the prop shop, headed to the studio to film the choreography video for her new song 'Q&A', her comeback after two years. As soon as the song started, Hyuna's eyes changed and her passion was fully activated, and she created a perfect choreography video through numerous rehearsals. They overwhelmed the atmosphere with their unrivaled performance.

After successfully filming the dance video, Hyuna went to an after-party with her manager and staff who have worked with her for over 10 years. At this event, the staff expressed for the first time their secret concerns about Hyuna when she went on an extreme diet. One staff member said, “There were too many times when Hyuna fainted because she was on a diet that she didn’t eat when she was dieting,” and added, “The staff members also had their own positions to prevent fainting.”

Upon hearing this, Hyuna shed tears feeling sorry and grateful to the staff. Hyuna shocked everyone by saying, "I had this obsession because I was receiving attention for my body," and added, "In the past, I would eat a piece of kimbap during my schedule. There was a time when I developed low blood pressure and my blood pressure dropped to 40." He continued, "I worked on getting in shape to perform well on stage, but I collapsed on stage. I collapsed 12 times in a month," and added, "I heard that if I gain weight, I won't collapse, so I've gained 8 kg now," and laughed.

Hyuna also showed off her close friendship by expressing her gratitude to the staff. In particular, the sight of Hyuna shedding tears while thinking of the staff in the studio moved the viewers.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google