Jeong Ji-so, first musical debut
Jeong Ji-so, first musical debut
Actress Jeong Ji-so takes on the challenge of appearing in a musical with ‘Your Lie in April’.

EMK Musical Company released a character poster for the musical 'Your Lie in April' through its official SNS channel, capturing the attention of fans with the visuals of Jeong Ji-so, who was cast in the role of Kaori Miyazono.

Jeong Ji-so, who is attempting her first musical with 'Your Lie in April', plays the role of Kaori Miyazono, a girl who is a genius violinist, and gives a passionate performance. While the musical debut is being awaited, the poster for 'Your Lie in April' evokes a vague sense of nostalgia with the visual of Jeong Ji-so, an innocent teenage girl herself.

Jeong Ji-so has been selected to play the role of Kaori Miyazono, who brings pianist Kosei Arima back into the world of music, and will show off her delicate acting. Frank Wildhorn, the composer of the musical ‘Your Lie in April’, said to Jeong Ji-so, “She is so talented in singing that it’s hard to believe that this is her musical debut. He also left a positive review, saying, “As I practice more and more every day, I am growing amazingly.”

Jeong Ji-so, who will be making her musical debut with 'Your Lie in April', has previously emerged as a trend by appearing in entertainment shows such as the movie 'Parasite', the Netflix original drama 'Hell', and 'The Glory'. Jeong Ji-so not only made an impact by appearing as the child role of Moon Dong-eun in 'The Glory', but also showed off her singing skills through the WSG Wannabe project of MBC's 'What Do You Do When You Play?', so expectations are high for her first musical challenge.

The musical 'Your Lie in April', in which Jeong Ji-so is cast, will be performed at the Seoul Arts Center's CJ Towol Theater starting on June 28, and the first ticket sale will open at 11 a.m. on the 17th.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google