The start of a dizzying romance between Jeong Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-jun
The start of a dizzying romance between Jeong Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-jun
The thrilling and dizzying romance of Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-jun begins.

On the 11th, tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Graduation' announced the reunion of Seo Hye-jin (played by Jung Ryeo-won) and Lee Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-jun), who will bring a sharp departure from their normal daily lives ahead of the first broadcast.

tvN's 'Graduation' depicts the exciting and sweet midnight romance between star instructor Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho, a cheeky student who appears as a new instructor. The romance that comes as night falls in Daechi-dong, as well as the stories of academy instructors that you didn't know about, capture the hearts of viewers. Director Ahn Pan-seok, who created melodramatic masterpieces such as 'Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food', 'Spring Night', and 'Secret Love Affair', and 'optimized melodramatic actors' Jeong Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-jun are looking forward to the emotions that will be perfected.

The photo released ahead of the first broadcast stimulates curiosity by showing Seo Hye-jin discovering an unexpected applicant at the 'Daechi Chase' new instructor test site. The person beyond the window who stole Seo Hye-jin's attention is Lee Jun-ho, a student she taught 10 years ago. Seo Hye-jin looks at Lee Jun-ho, who is solving test questions with a serious expression, and looks more embarrassed than happy. A student who worked hard to send to a prestigious university threw away his employee ID card from a large company and came back with the intention of becoming an instructor at an academy.

In the following photo, the uncompromising battle of nerves between Seo Hye-jin and her former student Lee Jun-ho catches the eye. As if Seo Hye-jin is trying to stop her student from deviating, she is persuading him using the cheat skills of a star Korean language instructor. I put my hands together and tried to beg, I tried to strengthen my eyes and warn him with the aura of an old teacher, but Lee Jun-ho only smiled.

It is also interesting to see Lee Jun-ho showing his eyes full of affection despite Seo Hye-jin's strong opposition. Lee Jun-ho makes full use of the language skills he learned from his 'teacher in life' Seo Hye-jin and delivers a wicked blow. Attention is drawn to the story of the confused Seo Hye-jin and the easy-going Lee Jun-ho, two people who crossed the line of 'priest' and began to deviate from their exciting path.

The production team of tvN's 'Graduation' said, "Please look forward to how old student Lee Jun-ho's cheeky, straight-forward approach will shake Seo Hye-jin's heart, and the dizzying Daechi-dong scandal that deviation from the path will bring."

Meanwhile, tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Graduation' will be aired for the first time today (11th) at 9:20 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google