UNIS, an emerging blue chip in the event industry
UNIS, an emerging blue chip in the event industry
Group UNIS has been reborn as an emerging blue chip in the event industry.

UNIS (Jin Hyun-joo, Nana, Jelly Danka, Kotoko, Bang Yun-ha, Elysia, Oh Yoon-ah, Lim Seo-won) performed on the stage at the 'Yuseong Hot Springs Cultural Festival' held in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the 11th.

On this day, UNIS started with the title song 'SUPERWOMAN' and performed the b-side songs 'Butterfly's Dream', 'Whatchu Need', 'Dopamine', and 'Dream of girls'. ), heating up the festival fever by enthusiastically singing all the songs from their debut album.

The members captivated the eyes and ears of the audience with rich live performances and spectacular performances in a diverse setlist. Their stage manners, which were not typical of rookies, also served as a factor in drawing attention to them.

UNIS is currently juggling a busy schedule, traveling back and forth between Korea and overseas. Previously, UNIS created a hot topic by successfully leading the Japanese promotion and the 'U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour'.

In the future, we will receive love calls and perform on stage at domestic university festivals and events. UNIS, who started off with the 'Yuseong Hot Springs Cultural Festival' stage, will perform at KBS1's 'Open Concert' held at Hanam Sports Complex on the 14th, Suncheon National University Festival on the 17th, '2024 Let's Walk Together, Respect for Life Festa' on the 18th, and 'SBS' on the 19th. It has confirmed its appearance one after another in the ‘MEGA Concert’ and is establishing itself as an ‘emerging blue chip in the event industry.’

UNIS is receiving explosive attention thanks to her solid skills and the perfect stage featuring the diverse charms of the eight members. As they have been performing on various stages since their debut, expectations are growing for their continued limitless progress in the future.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google