Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
≪Choi Ji-ye’s Epilogue≫
Reporter Choi Ji-ye of Ten Asia objectively and keenly points out events that have occurred throughout the entertainment industry. We carefully analyze the ‘glitch’ you missed from a reporter’s perspective.

“The HYBE audit team committed an unreasonable act of abusing the authority of the auditor, such as conducting an audit beyond the scope of work and making serious threats to the head of the Adore Style Directing team, putting psychological pressure on our members.”

It's water again. It appears that Min Hee-jin, CEO of Adore, is trying to sway public opinion by once again raising questions about HYBE's audit method.

Representative Min released an official statement on the 10th and claimed, “An unfortunate incident occurred in which the Adore Style Directing team leader suffered from an illegal audit based on an unreasonable problem raised by the HYBE audit team.” At the same time, he said, "I followed the team leader to the house and demanded his laptop and personal cell phone," and "he made an extremely serious threat that 'if you do not cooperate, you will have to go to the police station', an unreasonable act of abusing the authority of the auditor to apply psychological pressure." “I committed it,” he wrote. This argument only criticizes the method without considering the purpose of HYBE's audit.

However, the key point of this audit is whether the Adore Style Directing team leader has received separate styling fees from advertisers and whether this violates the law or the company's internal regulations. And the key question is whether Representative Min knew about the fact and tolerated it. This is directly related to CEO Min’s legal responsibility and knowledge as a manager.

First, the audit results of the team leader, Adore, and HYBE are consistent with the fact that the team leader received styling fees separately from the advertiser in addition to the salary paid by the company. What is important now is whether the facts in question constitute a legal violation. Furthermore, it is important to determine whether HYBE's regulations have been violated.

Regarding this, CEO Min dismissed it as "a normal practice in the industry" and countered by saying, "Instead of using outsourced personnel in charge of styling during the filming of New Jeans advertisements, internal members have performed this work and received styling fees from advertisers." did.

On the other hand, HYBE said, "There is no practice in which the company's full-time employees directly take hundreds of millions of won in profits from advertisers," and added, "The fact that amounts that should be recognized as the company's sales were handed over privately and that the CEO knew and tolerated this for years is not a practice, but a clear illegal practice." “He emphasized. In addition, "As the CEO, CEO Min has not initiated any follow-up measures, such as recovery or punishment for the illegally received amount," and "We will continue to investigate where the hundreds of millions of won worth of illegal profits received by the team leader went." “I’m looking forward to it becoming clear,” he said.

According to the industry, HYBE's full-time employees must agree to an agreement prohibiting concurrent employment when signing an employment contract. This means that you must not have any other job while working at HYBE. Previously, an official said that there were many cases of employees who were subject to disciplinary action for violating such agreements within Hive. In addition, Hive has been informing its employees that they should not accept money, valuables, or even minor beverages from business partners or work-related companies every quarter, including the period leading up to holidays, and that they should politely refuse.

Even in this situation, CEO Min explains that the illegal receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars related to New Genes advertising, which is a key issue, as a “practice,” and is focusing only on finding fault with HYBE’s audit method to identify the issue. In particular, Representative Min's side described HYBE's audit as a "coerced audit" and seems to be failing to see the core of the issue. I wonder why CEO Min does not consider the common sense logic that employees have an obligation to respond to the company's audit request.

Furthermore, CEO Min said, “Currently, the team leader is complaining of mental pain due to anxiety,” and “We plan to withdraw consent to use personal information created under coercive circumstances for more than 5 hours, and we also plan to file a complaint for interference with work and coercion.” “I’m considering it,” he said.
Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
Min Hee-jin, stop using watering techniques.
Previously, CEO Min had repeated the same pattern of water riding several times. Even when suspicions of theft of management rights first arose, rather than providing an accurate explanation, they responded by criticizing New Genes by claiming that HYBE discriminated against New Genes and that Aylet copied New Genes.

Let's not forget. The core of this issue is whether the Style Directing team leader received illegal money or valuables related to the New Jeans advertisement, and whether CEO Min knowingly tolerated this.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google