Kim Seon-ho's love for fans is 'amazing', from coffee trucks to send-off events
Kim Seon-ho's love for fans is 'amazing', from coffee trucks to send-off events
Actor Kim Seon-ho successfully completed his 2024 Asia Tour ‘Color+Full’ in Seoul.

On the 4th, Kim Seon-ho met about 2,000 fans through the 2024 Asia Tour in Seoul 'Color+Full' held at KBS Arena. For this fan meeting, Park Kyung-rim, a broadcaster who met at the previous '2022 Kim Seon-ho Fan Meeting - One, Two, Three, Smile', took on the role of MC once again and showed great chemistry with Kim Seon-ho.

On this day, Kim Seon-ho prepared a coffee truck for fans who arrived early at the fan meeting site. The coffee truck took on added meaning as it was known that it was prepared using a reusable container. He also prepared a four-cut photo booth to encourage fans to enjoy the fan meeting in a more diverse and enriching way.

Kim Seon-ho opened the event passionately by singing the fan song 'Miracle' expressing his gratitude to his fans. In 'Color+Full TALK', a corner where each city chooses a color to talk about, the talk was held with Seoul's color being 'WHITE'. Park Gyeong-rim's sensible hosting and Kim Seon-ho's cheerful eloquence combined to keep the audience laughing day after day.

In the second half of the corner, an event secretly prepared by fans was held to celebrate his birthday on May 8th. Kim Seon-ho, who was surprised by the fans' birthday celebration events such as a happy birthday song, slogan event, two-tier cake, and flying paper airplanes, expressed his gratitude to the fans with a bright smile on his face. In the following corners, 'Seonho's Exploration Life' and 'Seonho Ticon', he imitated the childhood photo that was revealed for the first time and the 'Sunho Ticon' drawn by fans, drawing a great response from fans.

Kim Seon-ho, who ended Part 1 with laughter and emotion, opened Part 2 in a fun way by transforming into an anchor and delivering his 'TMI' in news format. He communicated with fans through a variety of games and showed a variety of charms, just like the name of the fan meeting. He said, "As this is an event created by everyone working together for the fans, I thought, 'I hope the fans have fun' and 'I hope they are happy.' “On the contrary, I feel like I am receiving a lot of happy energy,” he said. “Thank you for always supporting me by my side. I will try my best to become a hard-working actor. “Thank you very much for being with us today,” he said.

Lastly, Kim Seon-ho made eye contact with over 2,000 fans one by one and saw them off on their way home, successfully completing the 2024 Asia Tour in Seoul 'Color+Full' fan meeting.

Kim Seon-ho has been meeting fans around the world by holding his second Asia tour 'Color+Full' in Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, and Manila since February, and plans to continue his Asia tour in Jakarta in July.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google