New Jeans, even before its debut in Japan, ‘scam tickets are popular’
New Jeans, even before its debut in Japan, ‘scam tickets are popular’
While the group New Jeans is holding a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome in Japan, ticket scalping is rampant. The price of scalped tickets is more than four times the price of existing tickets.

According to the entertainment industry on the 7th, New Jeans will debut in Japan on the 21st of next month. Additionally, the fan meeting 'Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome' will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan from the 26th to 27th of next month.

Fan meeting tickets were sold out immediately after opening. Ticket prices are 22,000 yen (about 190,000 won) for premium seats, 15,000 yen (about 130,000 won) for balcony seats and SS reserved seats, and 13,000 yen (about 110,000 won) for S reserved seats.

Since then, on a ticket trading site in Japan, premium seats for the New Jeans Japan fan meeting are being sold for up to 100,000 yen (about 880,000 won).

Currently, there is an ongoing conflict between Hive and New Jeans' agency, Adore. However, it appears that New Jeans' topicality and popularity are still intact. The music video for 'Bubble Gum', released on the 27th of last month, ranked first in the Korean weekly popular music video and popular song categories on YouTube's latest chart (accounted from April 26 to May 2).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google