Park Bo-young donates 50 million won on Children's Day
Park Bo-young donates 50 million won on Children's Day
Actress Park Bo-young donated 50 million won on Children's Day.

On the 3rd, Park Bo-young expressed her warmth for children and adolescents from vulnerable groups in Korea through the international development cooperation NGO G Foundation. The donation delivered by Park Bo-young will be used to fund underwear support projects for women and teenagers in Korea and to fund activities for cultural experiences for children in foster care facilities.

Previously, Park Bo-young donated 50 million won to the G Foundation on her birthday in February 2022, contributing to the project to support sanitary pads for female youth. This year, we are taking the lead in spreading good influence through consistent good deeds by making donations for the health and growth of children. Park Bo-young has been practicing sharing for underprivileged neighbors at home and abroad, including providing financial support and volunteering at hospitals for the past 10 years.

Park Bo-young received favorable reviews for her heart-moving acting in the 2023 movies 'Concrete Utopia' and 'Morning Comes Even in the Mental Ward', and is continuing to film the Netflix original series 'Melo Movie'.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google