Go Kyung-pyo was slapped by an actor at an awards ceremony
Go Kyung-pyo was slapped by an actor at an awards ceremony
‘There is no secret’ Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na were together.

In the second episode of JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'No Secrets', which aired on the 2nd, the aftermath of Song Ki-baek (Go Kyung-pyo) throwing a fiery lesson to the abusive idol P.N. (Jang Won-hyuk) was depicted. At the time, an article titled 'Announcer S assaults idol' was reported based on a tip from a staff member who secretly filmed the scene, and Gibaek became a hot topic overnight. In the end, he was notified of his departure from the popular noon news, and was attacked by PN fans for “messing with my brother.”

However, once ‘Tongue Hulk’ woke up, he did not stop. “My breath smells like an ashtray. “Take care of yourself”, “Do you not know that I tell my juniors to do all the annoying work, but then curse at me behind their backs saying they can’t do their jobs?”, “Did you step on poop? “Don’t you know that your feet smell really bad?” He mercilessly bombarded everyone he met within the company with facts. Even though I covered my mouth and clenched my fists, my spirit went crazy and I was jumping up and down as the words I was just thinking came out uncontrollably.

Still, there was no one to rely on. Even his family was not a refuge for him. The reality of his home where he took refuge from his fans was very different from the rumor that he was a ‘golden digger from Gangnam’. Father Song In-soo (Shin Jeong-geun) and mother Na Yoo-jeong (Kang Ae-sim) were worried about her exhausted spirit, but were also anxious that the living expenses they had received would run out, and the immature youngest child, Song Pung-baek (Lee Jin-hyuk), also only thought about pocket money. The second child, Song Woon-baek (Hwang Seong-bin), shouted loudly again, saying, “Why did you come and make me look after my family when there was no contact?” Gibaek, a ‘K-office worker’ and ‘K-eldest son,’ had no choice but to run away from his suffocating home.

The person who comforted such spirit was entertainment writer On Woo-joo (Kang Han-na). In fact, thanks to the spirit's rampage, the universe also faced a crisis. PN left the show after complaining of PTSD caused by verbal abuse, ultimately forcing the program to be abolished. It was a problem that depended on the livelihood of my juniors, so I prayed and hung on desperately, but it was no use. Even in this situation, I was secretly grateful for his spirit. Even though Woo Joo knew that P.N was a popular idol and was bullying the youngest staff members, all he could do was tell him to put up with it. Because of that, the program survived and advertisements were added. Woo Joo drunkenly told Ki Baek, “Inwardly, I wanted to hit him a hundred more times, but instead, he hit me with his tongue.”

However, Gibaek was given a golden opportunity. It was the first time the broadcasting station was in charge of hosting the brand award ceremony. If I did well, I could avoid being left out in the cold and the main anchor audition could go well. It started well. However, while I was getting my makeup corrected, cosmetic powder flew out and I started coughing, and the tongue hulk switch was turned on. “Only one of the candidates attended, but isn’t it obvious who will win?”, “If you’re going to ask for a short acceptance speech, why are you giving out 19 awards?”, “Say thank you on a regular basis”, etc., pouring out direct comments about overused awards and boring comments. thing. On this day, the awards ceremony ended in a disaster where the actor who won the ‘Best Actor Award’ even mentioned his past history of denial, and he was hit with a firework and fell to the ground.

Kibaek suffered from nightmares that night. He was not a wealthy person in Gangnam, and the luxurious apartment he lived in and the luxury foreign car he drove did not belong to him. I was managing it on behalf of an acquaintance who was dispatched overseas. In my dream, my life of wearing a facade of pride was exposed to the world through unintentional lies, and I was criticized by many people as “It’s all fake!” When he opened his eyes, filled with fear to the point of breaking into a cold sweat, a text message about suspension and pay reduction had arrived on his cell phone.

At the suggestion of Yoon Ji-hoo (Go Gyu-pil), a senior announcer with whom he is able to open up, Gibaek went to the beach to soothe his noisy feelings. As I climbed up the high rock and looked at the rolling sea, I felt endless resentment. My only sin was to live so hard that I was called an ‘icon of perseverance.’ Suddenly, the universe appeared in front of such spirit. Woo-joo, who happened to be visiting the site at the time, was already worried that his spirit seemed to be strange because of him, but when he saw the spirit of climbing the rock with his shoes off, he misunderstood whether he was having extreme thoughts. Gi-baek, who thought that Woo-ju was the cause of his downfall, shouted, “Get out of my sight,” and took a step back, and Woo-joo tried to stop him, but lost his footing. The story of the two men and women entering the water together and the story that followed brought about some unknown excitement.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google