“Min Hee-jin, no consideration for Illit”... Public opinion leans toward Hive
“Min Hee-jin, no consideration for Illit”... Public opinion leans toward Hive
While the conflict between Hive, the No. 1 K-pop entertainment company in Korea, and Min Hee-jin, CEO of its affiliated label Adore, is known, public opinion is relatively tilted toward Hive.

On the 22nd, Hive exercised its right to audit CEO Min Hee-jin and Adore management. It is said that Hive captured the situation where Adore CEO Min Hee-jin and others were trying to become independent from the headquarters. Accordingly, the Hive audit team recovered Adore's computer assets and began securing face-to-face statements.

Afterwards, CEO Min defined this issue as 'Aillet's New Genes copy incident' through an official statement and claimed, "When I raised the related issue with Hive, I was notified of dismissal procedures." Then, “Hive is trying to play the media with the absurd content that CEO Min Hee-jin ‘attempted to seize management rights.’” He continued, “How can a legitimate protest to protect the cultural achievements of its artist, New Genes, lead to the seizure of Adore’s management rights?” “I cannot understand from common sense whether it could be an act,” he countered.

Adore's side continued, "On the 22nd, Hive suddenly notified Heejin Min that she would suspend her duties as CEO and take steps to dismiss her," adding, "For that reason, there was concern that CEO Heejin Min would significantly damage Adore's corporate value." “He said.

Public opinion was divided into those who trusted Hive's position more, those who trusted Representative Min's position, and those who took a neutral position. However, the general public opinion toward Representative Min is not favorable.

Those who said that Hive's claims were more credible said, "Yesterday, Hive's stock price fell 8%. We don't know how much it will drop again today, but what kind of company would do this to get rid of CEO Min, a whistleblower, because he is crazy?" They said, "I want to look at it objectively, but no one can see it." “It is Hive that is losing money,” he said.

Above all, Adore was criticized by the public for describing the group Aillit as an 'implant' of the group New Jeans. Adore said, "New Jeans is currently preparing for a comeback in May. However, the appearance of Aylet drained New Jeans' image, and they were dragged into unnecessary controversy, causing concern and fatigue to fans and the public." claimed.

As a result, voices began to raise concerns about the damage to the image of the group Aillet. One member of the public pointed out, "It is Representative Min who is not considerate. Illit became the image of a 'copied fake' overnight. Representative Min should apologize for that first."

On the other hand, there were voices supporting CEO Min's position, saying, "I just don't understand realistically how they are going to have management rights with 20%. It is also true that there are similarities between Illit and New Jeans."

Some members of the public reacted by saying that this situation was very confusing. There is also a position that says, "It's just neutral. It's a loss for both sides. I think it's okay to watch and then judge. What's the point of covering it up and criticizing CEO Min? I think it would be better to wait until Hive presents evidence."

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google