Comedian Lee Se-young, a new start
Comedian Lee Se-young, a new start
Comedian Lee Se-young has found a new agency.

On the 19th, Likov said, "We signed an exclusive contract with Se-young Lee. We are happy to be able to work with Se-young Lee, who has various talents. We will not spare any support so that Se-young Lee can be active in various fields in the future." .

Lee Se-young debuted as a comedian in MBN's first public recruitment, and then appeared on 'Comedy Big League' and 'SNL Korea', bringing laughter to the public with her unique sense of entertainment. Since then, he has appeared in ‘The Body Show 4’, ‘Trendy Program’, ‘I Hear the Sound of Your Money’, and ‘The Dog Daughter-in-Law’, as well as ‘Microorganisms’, ‘Reply 1988’, ‘Sound of the Heart’, and ‘The Man Who Sets the Table’. ', etc. He performed a wide range of activities by acting in various dramas.

In addition, Se-young Lee runs the 'Youngpyeong TV' YouTube channel and produces hidden camera content with interesting subjects such as daily life at home and mukbang, and is currently active as a YouTube creator with 256,000 subscribers. On the Mealsick Girls channel, which has 610,000 subscribers, she earned the sympathy of many viewers by working as a secondary character called 'Dorai', and recently proved her influence by winning the creator category at the 'Top 10 People Who Shined Korea'.

Lee Se-young, who has started a new start by joining hands with Likov, plans to be more active through broadcasting and various contents in the future.

RECOV, which recently changed its name from Humap Contents and announced a new beginning, is a name that combines 'Recording', which means 'record' or 'record', and 'Vibe', which means 'feeling'. , which contains the meaning of ‘creating a new sense.’ Currently, comedian Lee Sang-hoon and actor and broadcaster Kwon Hyuk-soo belong to Likov.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google