Hongseok successfully completes his first solo fan meeting
Hongseok successfully completes his first solo fan meeting
Actor Hongseok successfully held his first solo fan meeting.

Hongseok held his first solo fan meeting 2024 Hongseok Fanmeeting 'Photo by Hongseok' at the White Wave Art Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul in two sessions at 2pm and 6pm on the 13th and met with fans.

On this day, Hongseok prepared to meet fans by attending rehearsal as seriously as he did the actual performance. In the first performance, Hongseok opened the fan meeting with 'Finally Arrived at You' and 'Let's Talk About This Night'.

Through the 'PHOterview' corner, Hongseok revealed unreleased photos from his album and told various episodes with pleasant humor, giving fans joy.

Next, Hongseok, who showed off his sweet voice with 'Sick Me' and 'Will We Meet Again', performed 'BAD' with Pentagon member Wooseok who appeared as a guest, as well as Pentagon's title song random play dance, drawing great attention from fans. It drew cheers.

In addition, in the 'BLANK PHOTOBOOK' corner, fans had a special time by holding an event where they could come up on stage and take photos of Hongseok themselves.

In addition, they captured the hearts of fans with a set list that lasted 90 minutes, performing 'Big Dipper', 'Off my face', as well as the unreleased song 'Nothing Has Changed'.

In Part 2, the set consists of new songs such as 'All Your Moments', 'Let's Talk About This Night', 'Back to Those Times', and 'For a Moment', while Pentagon member Hui appears as a guest and delivers Pentagon's heartwarming song. Showed off friendship.

Among these, fans were moved by a slogan event commemorating Hongseok's birthday, and Hongseok created unforgettable memories by taking commemorative photos with fans.

Hongseok plans to show his versatility by being active in various fields in 2024.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google