'Heart Signal' cast sued for fraud... Identity not revealed
'Heart Signal' cast sued for fraud... Identity not revealed
Mr. A, who appeared on Channel A's dating reality program 'Heart Signal', was accused of fraud.

On the 15th, a video titled 'Case filed against Heart Signal cast member, text contents revealed' was posted on the YouTube channel 'Investment Failure Shelter'.

In the video that day, lawyer Park Geon-ho began by saying, "We filed a complaint today against the Heart Signal cast," and "It's a surprisingly fraudulent case."

He then revealed the complaint receipt and said, "This person is a person who became famous after appearing on 'Heart Signal'. I am confident that he is guilty. However, since the case is still in progress, I will not say anything that can identify this person. I will give you a chance yet. “I won’t mention right now whether I am male or female and how many episodes of ‘Heart Signal’ I appeared in, but I don’t know how long I can hold on.”

Attorney Park said that he believed Mr. A's words and gave him several opportunities. He said, "The money will arrive soon. My family has decided to deposit it. I just received a loan. I can give it to you." He repeated this over several months.

He also revealed the contents of a text message he received from Mr. A on April 1, which was April Fool's Day. Mr. A sent a message to Attorney Park, saying, "I will go to the bank today and deposit the money. I received it in cash. Sorry for the delay." However, Attorney Park claimed that the money was not deposited.

He said, "Eight days after receiving this text, I sent another text. When I said that no matter how I looked, there was no record of the deposit, the person said, 'It's true that he sent it. Please check.'" He then pointed out, "So I asked them to just send me a photo of which account they sent it to and where, and now another week has passed and there has been no response. This is a typical loan fraud case."
'Heart Signal' cast sued for fraud... Identity not revealed
'Heart Signal' cast sued for fraud... Identity not revealed
Regarding loan fraud, Attorney Park explained, "It refers to borrowing money without the intention or ability to repay the money, and then making all kinds of excuses when the time comes to not repay the money." He also said, "The criminal law states that if it is a fraud, it is 10 “It is stipulated that a person will be punished by imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than 20 million won,” he emphasized.

Attorney Park then pointed out, "This person was talking to me on the phone and saying, 'If I get sued, the news will be published. I will suffer the damage.' Are you so worried about yourself but not worried about the victim?"

The case has now been reported to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google