‘Trot Music Awards’ will be held
‘Trot Music Awards’ will be held
The ‘Trot Music Awards 2024’, which will redefine the Trot awards ceremony, will be held.

'Trot Music Awards 2024' (TROT MUSIC AWARDS 2024, hereinafter 'TTMA 2024') will be held at 7 pm on the 12th. It will be broadcast live through SBS FiL, SBS M, and SBS FiL UHD channels, and can also be viewed through YouTube's 'Trotbo Lago' channel, Naver TV's 'Trot Music Awards 2024' channel, as well as TVING, Wave, and the SBS website.

'TTMA 2024' is an awards ceremony where artists who have been active in the trot genre so far will appear and provide a venue for harmony. It is jointly planned and hosted by SBS Medianet and Studio Planet Nine.

The first line-up includes Shim Soo-bong, Seol Un-do, Jin Seong, Park Gun, Song Ga-in, Ahn Seong-hoon, Yang Ji-eun, Na Tae-joo, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Hee-jae, Park Seo-jin, as well as the second line-up Nam Jin, Han Hye-jin, Geum Jan-di, Jang Yun-jeong, Eun Ga-eun, Kang Ye-seul, Kang Hye-yeon, Kim Ho-jung, A total of 28 people, including Cho Myung-seop, Hwang Min-woo, Oh Yu-jin, Kim Tae-yeon, and Hwang Min-ho, as well as Tae Jin-ah, Hong Ja, Jin Hae-seong, and Kim Eui-young, will participate.

At 'TTMA 2024', everything from legendary singers who led the start and revival of trot to singers who will be responsible for the future are gathered in one place. 'TTMA 2024' explains that the unity created by senior and junior singers will go beyond a simple awards ceremony and will move the public.

'TTMA 2024' will feature awards in major categories such as best singer, best song, and best trot. In addition, various award categories will be held, including the Trot Dream Tree Award given to singers under the age of 17, the Hot Performer with strong performance skills, the Style Icon given to a singer who has been recognized for her unique style from fashion to choreography, and the Trot singer selected by the producer.

The 'TTMA 2024' red carpet will be broadcast live on the SBS M channel from 5 p.m., two hours before the awards ceremony on the 12th, and will be broadcast on YouTube's 'Trot Bo Lago' channel, Naver TV's 'Trot Music Awards 2024' channel, as well as TVING, Wave, and the SBS website. We can meet.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google