Lee Soo-young, "I'm trying to die with over 3 billion won in debt...I lost contact with my husband for 5 days before marriage."
Lee Soo-young, "I'm trying to die with over 3 billion won in debt...I lost contact with my husband for 5 days before marriage."
Singer Lee Soo-young opens up about her difficult past.

On the YouTube talk show 'Night Hong Restaurant', which will be released on the 11th, Park Soo-hong sits down with Lee Soo-young as the ninth guest and introduces her as "the 'Jjin younger brother' who played the role of wedding host at my wedding."

On this day, Park Soo-hong prepares aged Korean beef for Lee Soo-young. Lee Soo-young buys a bunch of books on childbirth and parenting as gifts for her father-to-be, Park Soo-hong. He jokes, “It’s a book that’s always been in my house, and I bought it with my own money,” adding, “Nowadays, the Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Childbirth is more important than ‘The Essentials of Mathematics.’”

Lee Soo-young, well-known as the 'Queen of Ballads', candidly confesses on this day the stories behind her sweet marriage to her husband, who is 10 years her senior, and the hardships of being a mother with a son in the first year of middle school. “My son, who is in the first year of middle school, has entered puberty and is in a nervous mode,” she said. “I like to play pranks, so I make fun of my husband. He even farted early.”

Lee Soo-young belatedly reveals her difficult feelings while working with a 'mystical strategy'. He said, "Because I was a mystic, I didn't smile or talk much. In the waiting room, I always had to wear earphones and relax my neck. I wasn't allowed to talk to other singers or greet them in a friendly way. But I wanted to become friends. I was like an ajumma since I was little." reminisce about

In addition, Lee Soo-young recalls her school days as a theater student and reveals an anecdote about how she personally selected actor Park Hae-soo, famous for 'Squid Game', as her junior. He said, "I picked him because he was good-looking. He said, 'You don't have to act. You shine just by being,' but I didn't know it would grow like this. Before 'Squid Game,' I contacted him a lot. Park Hae-soo's wife was a fan of me, so she watched the radio I hosted. “They said they hear from me every day. But I haven’t been able to contact them since ‘Squid Game.’” However, he delivers a video letter to Park Hae-soo, saying, “My dream is to become an actor.”

He also reveals his past history of being defrauded worth hundreds of millions of dollars and falling into a mountain of debt. Lee Soo-young and Park Soo-hong said, "At that time, I experienced the same pain that my brother went through. I even tried to die because I was over 3 billion won in debt. I used my personal information to do everything I could, including loans and investments. Incidents broke out every day, so I ended up losing the rented house I had left when I got married." I summarized it. When I confessed that I was in a 'minus' state, my husband had not contacted me for 5 days ahead of our wedding, and he said, 'I will handle it.' It was the decision of a lifetime, and I still have infinite trust in my husband." . Lee Soo-young, who was the head of a household and had to take care of her younger siblings since she was 20 years old, said, "My younger siblings are married, working, and living well. I am so thankful that they grew up well and well," and added, "They have not enjoyed anything with the money I earned. I gave that money to my younger siblings." “I was so sad and sorry that I lost it overnight without being able to use it for them,” he said, expressing both gratitude and apology to his younger siblings.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google