Byun Yo-han, stealing from others is his hobby
Byun Yo-han, stealing from others is his hobby
Actor Byun Yo-han presents a new face.

Byun Yo-han meets the audience through the mystery tracking thriller film 'She's Dead', which is raising expectations with its unique set of characters and unpredictable story.

Byun Yo-han transforms into a real estate agent with a bad taste for stealing into other people's lives through 'She's Dead'. 'She's Dead' is a mystery that unfolds as real estate agent 'Goo Jeong-tae', whose hobby is spying, witnesses the death of 'Han So-ra', an SNS influencer he was observing, and searches around 'Han So-ra' to clear the name of the murderer. A chase thriller.

Byun Yo-han made a mark on the public with his character 'Han Seok-yul', who is sly but exudes positive energy in the drama 'Incomplete Life'. Since then, he has excelled at playing different characters in various works such as the dramas 'Six Flying Dragons', 'Mr. Sunshine', the movies 'Socialphobia', 'Jasaneobo', 'Voice', and 'Hansan: Rise of the Dragon'.

In 'She's Dead', he plays the role of 'Goo Jeong-tae', a real estate agent with a bad taste of stealing into other people's lives by sneaking into a house with a key entrusted to him by a client, and is expected to shock the audience. ‘Goo Jeong-tae’ is a diligent real estate agent during the day, but he has a unique hobby of observing people at local convenience stores. Here, he is a person who does not stop at simply observing someone, but enjoys the nasty behavior of sneaking into a customer's house to fix broken furniture or light fixtures and bringing out the most unnecessary item in return, and the new target of observation is influencer 'Han Han'. After the sudden death of So-ra (played by Shin Hye-sun), she falls into crisis. Byun Yo-han is completely immersed in the role of 'Gu Jeong-tae', who is struggling to escape from the crisis he is in, and is expected to not only firmly grasp the center of the mystery chase thriller, but also portray the unique keyword of 'observation' in his own color.

Regarding the reason why Byun Yo-han participated in the work as Gu Jeong-tae, a character with a setting that has never been seen before, he said, “The work felt fresh,” raising expectations for the birth of a new character. Here, director Kim Se-hwi, who was in charge of directing, said about his co-star Byun Yo-han, “I’ve been told that ‘Goo Jeong-tae’ is just Byun Yo-han since the script work stage,” and added, “‘Goo Jeong-tae’ is much more than the ‘Goo Jeong-tae’ I thought.” He said, “I came here because it was done,” raising expectations for Byun Yo-han’s perfect character digestion and passionate acting.

‘She’s Dead’ is scheduled to be released in May.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google