Shin Yun-seung, Prince of Sunday
Shin Yun-seung, Prince of Sunday
Comedian Shin Yun-seung conquered KBS' Sunday entertainment, from 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears' to 'Gag Concert'.

Shin Yun-seung established himself as the Prince of KBS Sunday by appearing on KBS2's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears' and 'Gag Concert' in succession on the 7th. In 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears', he showed off his presence among senior comedians who are 'genius of conversation', and in 'Gag Concert', he showed off his skills as a skit master.

In 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears', Shin Yun-seung, along with Park Myung-soo and Su-yeon Jo, visited the Chinese restaurant of the second comedian couple, Hak-rae Kim and Mi-sook Lim, and had a pleasant talk. Shin Yun-seung played the role of a cute junior by performing 'Gag Concert''s popular segment 'How Do You Like Defconn' in front of the seniors.

On this day, Park Myung-soo heard Jo Soo-yeon say, "My goal in life is to marry Shin Yun-seung," and promised, "If the two of you get married, I will be the host and the congratulatory singer." Lim Mi-sook talked about “the second Chinese restaurant,” and Kim Hak-rae talked about “the wedding ceremony and congratulatory money of 60 million won,” embarrassing Shin Yun-seung.

Shin Yun-seung made people laugh when he said to his seniors who were pursuing marriage against his will, "I can't do this." He explained that he and Jo Soo-yeon were acting as a couple for the broadcast, but Lim Mi-sook said, "Then we got married too."

Shin Yun-seung showed his sense of humor when Su-yeon Jo said, "Please get married," in response to the unprecedented promise of his seniors, and looked at the store employee and shouted, "Give me Kaoliang liquor, the strongest one." In the interview that followed, he drew attention by making a humorous facial expression, saying to Jo Soo-yeon, "We're just talking among ourselves, but let's just raise it and split it half."

At 'Gag Concert', he appeared on 'How's Defcon' and 'Bongsungah School' and performed as a self-proclaimed 'Gag Concert Ace'. In particular, by adding ideas to the gag patterns that have been shown so far, we tried variations that doubled the laughter.

In ‘How Do You Like Defconn’, a blind date at an eel restaurant was depicted. Shin Yun-seung made Jo Soo-yeon laugh by giving him compliments and jokes with a twist, such as "Your skin is really good, but your face is bad" and "Your eyes, nose, and mouth are pretty. But you put them together wrong."

Jo Soo-yeon said she would write a couplet using eel and attempted to flirt with Shin Yun-seung by saying, "If we eat eel, we'll be dating." According to Soo-yeon Jo's plan, Shin Yun-seung would have had to answer with 'Uh', but Shin Yun-seung mixed the tone with a questioning tone of "Huh?!", turning the scene into a sea of laughter.

In 'Bongsunga School', he appeared as 'Mr. Bulbasaur' trying to name brands of bean jelly and stick snacks. He formed a singing group with Song Jun-geun and Park Min-seong and tried to name the yanggaeng brand, but the moment they shared the snacks, only '○○ Gang' was heard and viewers burst into laughter.

They also excitedly shouted out the name of the stick snack, but when all they heard on the broadcast was 'Almonds removed', they gave fresh laughter with a performance of opening the package and removing the almonds from the snacks.

Meanwhile, Shin Yun-seung meets viewers through 'Gag Concert' every Sunday at 10:35 pm.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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