Eom Hyun-kyung captured riding a bike 6 months after giving birth
Eom Hyun-kyung captured riding a bike 6 months after giving birth
MBC's new daily drama 'The Brave Yongsu-jeong' has released its main poster featuring Eom Hyun-kyung's tough charm.

In the released poster, you can feel the charisma of Eom Hyun-kyung, who plays the role of Yong Soo-jeong, a 10-year veteran show host. He is wearing a rider jacket and riding on a bike, showing off his confident eyes. ‘A tragic heroine? The copy, ‘That’s not my style!’ fully captures the character’s characteristics. It makes people look forward to the performance of Eom Hyeon-kyung, who will transform into a woman born in the year of the dragon with a refreshing and honest personality.

The production team of 'The Brave Yong Su-jeong' said, "Yong Su-jeong is a person who lives by the motto, 'If life gives you taffy, become a taffy seller and sell it all,' and overcomes even the trials that come to her without hesitation." They added, "The strong-willed character of Yong Su-jeong and Eom Hyeon-kyung “The actors will meet and show fantastic synergy,” he said. The main poster of the work foretells the unstoppable run of the character Yong Su-jeong with Eom Hyun-kyung's energetic expression, which is unforgettable once seen. Yong Soo-jeong's powerful moves, aiming for a new success story in life by using life as a huge sales pitch, are expected to increase the interest of viewers.

This work is a hot and exciting romantic revenge drama about Yong Soo-jeong (played by Eom Hyeon-kyung), an outspoken woman who dreams of becoming a modern-day business magnate Im Sang-ok, and Yeo Eui-ju (played by Seo Jun-young), a vicious scoundrel who entrusts her fate with her.

Uhm Hyun-kyung, who played the lead role, debuted in MBC's sitcom 'Rainbow Romance' in 2005 and welcomed her son with Cha Seo-won in October last year. Cha Seo-won is getting married after his discharge this year. He worked with Cha Seo-won on MBC's 'Second Husband', which first aired in 2021.

Actors recognized for their acting skills, including Uhm Hyun-kyung, Seo Jun-young, Lim Joo-eun (playing Choi Hye-ra), and Kwon Hwa-woon (playing Joo Woo-jin), are all in attendance, demonstrating solid synergy. ‘The Brave Yongsujeong’ will be aired for the first time on the 6th of next month at 7:05 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google