Kang Won-rae's wife, Kim Song, was angry at netizens who crossed the line.
Kang Won-rae's wife, Kim Song, was angry at netizens who crossed the line.
Kim Song issued a warning to netizens who crossed the line.

Kim Song posted a post on his channel on the 8th. He expressed his displeasure, saying, "Everyone is upset because we couldn't get a divorce. My parents are staying quiet, but people who don't know about us are just looking at the cross-section of us and telling us to give them beans or red beans. I really can't listen to them." He went on to point out, "While we are criticizing our husbands and wives, please take care of your families, your husband, your wife, and your children. It's really a mob mentality problem!"

Kim Song said, "I grew up in a divorced family, and it hurts my children 100%. That's why I will never divorce for the sake of my children." He then wrote, "I said I would live, but divorce! Are you going to make an uproar? I tell you idiots to stop being nervous. I'm 52. I've been in a relationship and married for 35 years." He also became angry, saying, "You listen to me being scolded, pointed out, and cursed, and you think it's not true?! It's been a long time since I stopped pretending to be nice," and "Please don't laugh at other people's family affairs. Excessive interest is poisonous and foolish. You guys have crossed the line!"

Kim Song said, “My son is growing up healthy and well, receiving a lot of love.” He added, “When my husband and I were laughing in Labang, I asked, ‘Is the couples counseling center just a show?’ “How are the brains of the people who use it? People who don’t know one or two!” he added.

Kim Song-eun said, ‘I got angry after reading the comments on the blog,’ ‘playing the drum and playing the janggu,’ ‘I was in a frenzy,’ ‘I was upset because I couldn’t get a divorce,’ ‘We are living well,’ ‘I felt more comfortable after the broadcast,’ and ‘I followed Dr. Oak’s prescription.’ , ‘Let’s talk while making eye contact’, ‘Kickkippapappajjom’, ‘Ojirapers’, and ‘Keyboard warriors’ were also added with hashtags.

Kang Won-rae and Kim Song couple recently appeared on Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' and received counseling. In this broadcast, Kim Song expressed her concerns about having lost communication with her husband, Kang Won-rae. Kim Song complained that although she spent a long 35 years with Kang Won-rae, she had never had a conversation with her husband. The couple was also experiencing conflict over their children's education. Accordingly, Dr. Eunyoung Oh proposed a solution.

Kang Won-rae and Kim Song got married in 2003 and had a son in 2014 through in vitro fertilization.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google