Kim Ha-neul, 'angry' after learning of Jang Seung-jo and Han Chae-ah's relationship
Kim Ha-neul, 'angry' after learning of Jang Seung-jo and Han Chae-ah's relationship
'Let's get caught by the collar' Kim Ha-neul found out about the relationship between Jang Seung-jo and Han Chae-ah.

In the 5th episode of KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Let's Get Caught by the Collar', which aired on the 1st, a new twist was revealed as it was revealed that all those involved in the murder cases of Jin Myeong-sook (played by Lee Young-sook) and Cha Eun-sae (played by Han Ji-eun) were connected to 'silent poetry'. presented.

On this day's broadcast, Seo Jeong-won (played by Kim Ha-neul) found out that director Yoo Yun-young (played by Han Chae-ah), who was receiving counseling treatment, and her husband Seol Woo-jae (played by Jang Seung-jo) had already known each other. Jeong-Won was furious at her husband's deception in deliberately leaving her to be treated by Yoon-Young.

Meanwhile, Jeong-won searched through the room Woo-jae used before marriage to find out the relationship between Woo-jae and Yoon-young. As a result, he found a photo of Woo-jae, Yoon-young, and a woman of the same age when he was 19 years old, and burst out laughing at the atrocity of Woo-jae, who was still deceiving him.

In addition, the shocking past history that led to Jeong-won and Kim Tae-heon (played by Yeon Woo-jin) breaking up was also revealed. Three years ago, an incident occurred in which Tae-heon's partner, Detective Cha (played by Danny Ahn), who was embroiled in bribery corruption suspicions, died. Tae-heon, convinced that his girlfriend had intentionally approached him to report on Detective Cha's case, broke up with Jeong-won.

In order to steal the Cha Eun-sae counseling video that Yoon-yeong had recorded, Jeong-won invited her to the Mujin Welfare Foundation inauguration ceremony. Yoon-young, who had a three-way face-to-face with Woo-jae and Jeong-won at the event, acted as if she was seeing Woo-jae for the first time, and caused the anger of those who were jealous of the relationship between the two.

Jeong-won, who invited not only Yoon-yeong but also Eun-sae's older brother Cha Geum-sae (Go Geon-han) to the inauguration ceremony, revealed in front of reporters that he had obtained top-secret evidence of Cha Eun-sae being assaulted before she was murdered, and announced that he would reveal who the culprit was through his program a month later. The game was decided, including a proclamation.

While digging into the case, Tae-heon learned that all those involved in the Cha Eun-sae murder case were connected to the 'Gangwon-do Unspoken City'. In addition, not only did Rep. Mo Kyung-taek (played by Yoon Je-moon) work at the Unemun Provincial Police Agency when he was a prosecutor, but he also found out the truth that Jin Myeong-sook, who had recently been murdered, was the ex-wife of the factory manager, a victim and suspect in the 'Bongto Chemical Factory Fire Incident'. Added dramatic interest.

Jeongwon, who succeeded in obtaining Eunsae's counseling file, heard a new name called 'Inari' while watching the video. With her reporter's instincts activated, she looked at Woo-jae's past photos she had recently obtained and was struck by the thought that the woman standing next to her husband and Yoon-yeong might be In-ari. After thinking about it, Jeong-won decided to check it out for himself and headed to the place where Woo-jae lived.

At the end of the broadcast, a dramatic ending was depicted where Jeong-won, on his way to his dorm, ran into Tae-heon, who had arrived silently to investigate the case.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google