Park Myung-soo, the story of how he helped a part-time worker go to university
Park Myung-soo, the story of how he helped a part-time worker go to university
Broadcaster Park Myung-soo shared a beautiful story from when he ran a chicken restaurant in the past.

On the 3rd, an article was posted on an online community that said, ‘I used to work part-time at Park Myung-soo’s chicken restaurant.’ The netizen who wrote this recalled the time, saying, "I used to work part-time at a chicken restaurant when Park Myung-soo, before 'Infinite Challenge', was a so-called 'Juguri'."

The author continued, "I was introverted, small, fat, and ugly, and as they say these days, I looked like a douchebag, so I had been interviewed for several stores, but I failed every time. They told me to come for an interview that day, so I went, and Park Myung-soo himself did the interview. In fact, Park Myung-soo's face at that time was so scary, and his way of speaking was very strong. “It was cynical,” he recalled.

During the interview, Park Myung-soo asked the author why he was working part-time. In response, the author said, "I'm trying to raise money for my younger brother's tuition. Due to my family's circumstances, neither of us can attend college. Unlike me, my younger brother is smart, good at studying, and good-looking, so I think it's right for him to go to college. So, I started working right after graduating from high school. “I replied, ‘I’m just trying to get started,’” he said.

Afterwards, Park Myung-soo asked the author about his CSAT score and hired him right away. The author, who said he started working like that, said, "On the second day, he gave me 20,000 won and told me to get my hair cut. And every time he was busy, he made me work overtime and gave me taxi fare. He paid me too much taxi fare and said, 'Hey, I'm the boss, so take what I get! Get out of here quickly.' “He got angry,” he said.

I found out that they intentionally made me work overtime and paid extra for taxi fare. Park Myung-soo also said that the author gave him 300,000 won more when he received his first salary. At the time, Park Myung-soo wrote to the writer, "I can't even do business, but I gave you more, so be loyal and work like a slave from now on. Nothing is free in this world. Do you think you can buy a slave for 300,000 won in this day and age? I will make you work until your bones break. That's it." He is said to have said, “I’m not giving you money to spend, but to save it and go to college.”

The author expressed his gratitude, saying, "I answered 'yes' and hurriedly ran into the kitchen to work. After that, he continued to take good care of me, and thanks to him, I worked hard and cured my introverted personality a lot. I even took the college entrance exam again with the money I saved." .

Afterwards, he entered university with his younger brother. The author said, "Park Myung-soo took great care of my situation. Thanks to him, I graduated from college, got a job, and am now married and living with two children." He continued, "I don't have Park Myung-soo's contact information so I can't contact him sometimes, but sometimes when Park Myung-soo appears on TV, I tell the kids, ' “I often say, ‘Dad, the person who helped me a lot when I was young,’” he said.

Lastly, the author concluded, "Every time I see it, I think of those times and feel happy that those warm feelings are conveyed to me again, which makes me cry. Thank you."

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google