'Street Man Fighter' dance crew leader, underage sex → abortion controversy
'Street Man Fighter' dance crew leader, underage sex → abortion controversy
A dancer from 'Smanpa' was embroiled in controversy over sexual relations with minors.

On the 1st, a media outlet reported, "The famous dancer A, who appeared on Mnet's 'Street Man Fighter' (hereinafter referred to as 'Smanpa'), has been exposed to issues such as sexual relations with an underage team member. This dance crew is on the verge of disbandment. “He said.

According to reports, Mr. A, the head of the dance crew, selected minors without the consent of team members to prepare for 'Street Woman Fighter 2' (hereinafter 'Swoopa 2'). In this process, Ms. B was brought into her team ex officio. Afterwards, Mr. A and Ms. B developed a deep relationship, and Ms. B operated a private Instagram account and exchanged affection with Mr. A. During this process, it became known to the team members that Ms. B had expressed her concerns to her classmates that she and Mr. A were having a sexual relationship.

Mr. A and Ms. B were discovered by crew members visiting the airport together for a trip to Jeju Island. The team members also recognized the fact that Ms. B posted on her private Instagram account that she was pregnant with Mr. A's child and later had an abortion. “We decided to make this an issue,” he said.

The team members are angry at Mr. A, and the crew is on the verge of collapse. In relation to this, Mr. A said he was denying it.

Speculation about this is spreading online regarding the fact that they formed a dance crew in 2010 and won awards at numerous famous dance competitions until last year, earning them the nickname 'World Class Dance'.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google