Lee Bo-young, Overwhelming digestive power
Lee Bo-young, Overwhelming digestive power
Lee Bo-young's changes in each work are amazing.

Attention is drawn to Lee Bo-young, who plays the role of Na Moon-young, who tracks down the secrets of her husband's disappearance in the Coupang Play series 'Hyde' (directed by Kim Dong-hwi), and her unrivaled character expression skills.

Lee Bo-young is playing the role of Moon-yeong, who is shocked by the new side of the person who was on her side, including a teacher of perjury and an abandoned body, and goes on a search for the truth without any time to sit still over the disappearance and death of her husband overnight. She wept in front of her husband's death, was a strong mother to her daughter Bom (played by Jo Eun-sol), and fought back and responded to those who threatened her family, showing off her high digestive power that was perfectly incorporated into 'Na Moon-young'.

In addition, in JTBC's 'Agency', which was popularly aired last year, she boasted a high synchronization rate as 'Go Ah-in', the first female executive who never had the word 'defeat' in her life. In particular, he received a lot of love as he stimulated catharsis in viewers with his unique confident and charismatic appearance.

Lee Bo-young boasts an unrivaled presence by creating three-dimensional characters with her own color. In addition, she is expected to demonstrate that formula in this work as well, as she has achieved both success and reputation in each work with her solid acting skills and various charms.

Meanwhile, the Coupang Play series 'Hyde' is released every Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM on Coupang Play, and is broadcast on JTBC at 10:30 PM after Coupang Play is released.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google