1st place until the last week of ‘Pyramid Game’ release
1st place until the last week of ‘Pyramid Game’ release
Rookies of TVING's original series 'Pyramid Game' shone.

Episodes 9 and 10 of ‘Pyramid Game’ were released on the 21st. 2nd grade class 5 students stopped playing the pyramid game by their own choice, not with anyone's help. The sight of students who had chosen to remain on the sidelines in order to survive finishing the game on their own was both exhilarating and deeply moving. The acting skills of the new actors, who added attractiveness to their unconventional and original worldview, were met with favorable reviews. Until the end, Tving ranked first in the number of weekly paid subscribers.

Seong Soo-ji (played by Kim Ji-yeon) convinced her classmates in class 5, 2nd grade, that it was a cruel game that was destroying not only the F grade, but everyone. Seong Su-ji added that anyone who no longer wants to participate in the game should delete the app. I knew it was wrong, but giving up the game wasn't easy. While everyone was hesitating to make a choice, Myeong Ja-eun was the first to delete the app and stand up. Starting with Myeong Ja-eun, the 2nd grade and 5th class gathered courage and deleted the app.

However, for Seong Su-ji's plan to destroy 'everyone's game' to succeed, he is just one vote away. At that moment, the 'game host' Seo Do-ah (played by Shin Seul-gi) surprised everyone by deleting the app. Seo Do-ah knew Seong Soo-ji’s plan. Seong Soo-ji's firm words that the game would be eliminated made Seo Do-ah change her mind. Seong Su-ji joined forces with her 2nd grade class 5 friends and succeeded in eliminating the cruel game. The entire situation was broadcast live through Seongsu-ji's camera, and Baek Ha-rin (played by Jang Da-ah), Seo Do-ah, Bang Woo-i (Ha Yu-ri), Go Eun-byeol (Jung Ha-dam), and Kim Da-yeon (Hwang Hyun-jung), who led the pyramid game, were expelled. I went through the procedure. Soo-ji Seong, Ja-eun Myeong, Ye-rim Lim, Jae-hyung Song (played by Se-eun Oh), and Class 5 of the second grade returned to their normal daily lives after ending the pyramid game by their own choice.

The full episode (episode 1 to 10) of ‘Pyramid Game’ can be found on TVING.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google