Byeon Woo-seok ♥ Kim Hye-yeon, even in the behind-the-scenes video
Byeon Woo-seok ♥ Kim Hye-yeon, even in the behind-the-scenes video
‘Jumping up on Seonjae’ Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon attracted attention with their extraordinary chemistry.

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Bounce on Seon-jae', which will premiere on April 8th, asks, "What if you get a chance to save your favorite girl?" The famous artist ‘Ryu Seon-jae’ helped me live the moment I lost my will to live. A time-slip redemption romance in which Im Sol, a passionate fan who was devastated by Choi Ae's death, goes back in time to 2008 to save Choi Ae. It is based on the popular web novel 'Tomorrow's Best' by author Kim Bbang, and writer Lee Si-eun, who wrote the webtoon-based drama 'True Beauty', is attracting attention as the scriptwriter.

In the poster and teaser behind-the-scenes video released by 'Seonjae and Jump' on the 25th, Byeon Woo-seok (playing Ryu Seon-jae) and Kim Hye-yoon (playing Im Sol) clearly convey the laughter-filled atmosphere of the filming set.

Byeon Woo-seok is actively engaged in filming, asking the filming staff directly, “What pose should I do?” The staff applauded Byeon Woo-seok, who was able to handle multiple orders at once, and revealed their true feelings by saying, “I want to get caught in the corner of that mouth,” making the filming site burst into laughter. In response to the staff's request to take a picture with 'hearts coming out of her eyes', Kim Hye-yoon expressed confidence by saying, "I will try." As her natural pose continued, the staff couldn't help but admire it and say, "You're so pretty."

Kim Hye-yoon's solo teaser shoot that followed attracted attention with a scene where she kissed the life-size figure of Byun Woo-seok, saying, "Our Seon-jae~". When Kim Hye-yoon approached the camera in a kissing pose with her lips out, the cinematographer said, “Oh my, I’m embarrassed,” which made everyone laugh. The two then received applause for their shy yet romantic atmosphere in the scene where they hugged in the swimming pool.

Byun Woo-seok, who finished filming, caught everyone's attention by saying, "I saw the results of the filming and my heart skipped a beat because the two of us looked so good together." Kim Hye-yoon said, “It was even more heartbreaking to see the video of (Byeon Woo-seok) suddenly growing taller after being at his normal height.” Regarding her favorite novel, Kim Hye-yoon chose 'Harry Potter' and shared her actual experience, saying, "Every year, when I open my eyes in the morning on December 24th, I start with the Philosopher's Stone and read (novels) for two days," while Byun Woo-seok was a child. He attracted attention by revealing that he had groomed his dog.

Lastly, Kim Hye-yoon said, “We filmed together for 7 to 8 months. “I hope we can finish the remaining filming in good health,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Byun Woo-seok, who was with him. Byun Woo-seok said, “There are many genres within the genre of time slip romance. “Let’s both stay strong and not get sick,” he said, raising expectations for the exciting chemistry between the two and “Jumping on Seonjae’s Back.”

Meanwhile, the FOOH (Faux Out Of Home, virtual outdoor advertisement) video of 'Seonjae and Jump', which was released on the official SNS on the 18th, is also receiving attention. In the play, Ryu Seon-jae's small life-size figure grew into an extra-large life-size figure thanks to Im Sol's passionate fan support. Ryu Seon-jae's overwhelming visuals seen in downtown Seoul are drawing admiration from many netizens, with comments like "I want to see it in real life" and "Is it a composite?" “Is this real?” is a series of comments, making me even more curious about the broadcast.

Meanwhile, tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Seonjae Jumps' will be aired for the first time on April 8th at 8:50 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google