Park Ji-yoon, active after divorce from Choi Dong-seok
Park Ji-yoon, active after divorce from Choi Dong-seok
TVING's original 'Girls' Chili Pepper Class 3' returns.

TVING's original 'Gossip Girl Class 3', which returns for the first time in about two years on April 26th, has entered a pre-heating phase by releasing a mystery class transfer greeting video containing the happy appearances of Park Ji-yoon, Jang Do-yeon, Vivi, Jae-jae, and Choi Y-na. .

The 'Girl's Chili Pepper Class' series, which has received great love as TVing's first original entertainment show, has formed a strong fandom and established itself as TVING's representative franchise IP. In particular, the highly complete worldview and detailed storytelling provided an even more intense sense of immersion.

While hints about the new season were given through a short video uploaded to TVING's official SNS account on the 22nd and aroused enthusiastic response, this time, the show announced its return in earnest with a transfer greeting video. In the released video, the five members of the mystery club who meet again after a long time appear, conveying cheerfulness and energy with each unique greeting.

However, soon, in a twisted atmosphere, a mysterious knocking sound and a door sound are suddenly heard in an empty classroom where a person is greeting a transfer student alone, and the back sight of people leaving the classroom and walking down a dark and gloomy hallway is added, creating an already unusual atmosphere. I am paying. It is once again igniting expectations by announcing the beginning of a huge worldview that will immediately immerse many people.

Producer Lim Soo-jeong of 'Girl's Chili Club 3' said, "We put a lot of effort into researching more data over a long period of time to create a realistic story, so it will provide a greater sense of immersion than the previous season," and expressed the difference from the previous season. . In addition, curiosity is further stimulated by adding, “You will be able to get a glimpse of the reasoning skills of the experienced actors and the twisted worldview that will surpass them.”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google