Park Eun-bin, an actor who believes and ‘listens’
Park Eun-bin, an actor who believes and ‘listens’
Actress Park Eun-bin makes a surprise music release.

‘Kkungtari Shabara’, in which Park Eun-bin participated in singing, will be released at noon on the 28th (today). 'Kkungdari Shabara' is the debut song of the male duo 'Clone', which debuted in 1996, and has gained great popularity across generations with its exciting rhythm and strong beat. 'Kkungtari Shabara' is an onomatopoeia with no clear meaning, but thanks to the lyrics containing messages of support and comfort, it was imprinted on the public as a spell of happiness and hope.

This music release was carried out as part of a project for the brand for which she is an advertising model, and she boasts excellent chemistry by once again working with the music staff she met through the drama 'Diva of the Desert Island'.

Park Eun-bin reinterprets 'Kkungtari Shabara' with a clear voice imbued with her unique warmth, and vibrantly conveys the powerful energy of hope of the original song. In addition, through this song, Eunbin Park contains a message of support to everyone who is working hard in their respective positions.

Park Eun-bin, who played the role of aspiring singer Seo Mok-ha in tvN's 'Diva on a Deserted Island' last year, held the '2024 Park Eun-bin FAN CONCERT <Eunbin Note: DIVA>' in both Korea and Japan earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin's 'Kkungtari Shavara' will be available on various music sites starting at noon today.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google