"I won't go to my ex-husband's funeral for fear of being punished" Single mother suffers from false rumors
"I won't go to my ex-husband's funeral for fear of being punished" Single mother suffers from false rumors
Broadcaster Seo Jang-hoon gave sincere advice to the 'Ask Bodhisattva' storyteller.

In the 260th episode of 'Ask Me Anything', which aired on KBS Joy on the 25th, a mother of three children appeared complaining of injustice due to rumors spread by her in-laws after the death of her husband, whom she divorced six years ago.

As the storyteller's ex-husband passed away a few days before she visited the Bodhisattva house, she wrote to her in-laws, "The storyteller took out an 80 million won loan in her husband's name and became a credit delinquent. He passed away due to hardship, and the storyteller took the children and ran away." He complained that it was difficult because a strange rumor spread.

To the woman who said she divorced six years ago because her husband, who was unresponsible and free-spirited, treated the children carelessly and had no financial ability, Lee Soo-geun understood her feelings by saying, “I think I would understand it without even hearing the reason if you divorced with three children.”

The husband expressed his dissatisfaction with the storyteller to the child, and confided in the mother-in-law about the ongoing problem, but after hearing the reply, “You take care of it, the deposit is your father’s, so don’t touch it and just leave,” he ended up paying not even a penny of alimony and child support. He explained how he got divorced, saying that he left with the children with only debt.

My ex-husband, who had no health problems, drank every day without working after the divorce, which worsened cirrhosis of the liver. A month ago, when he heard that his death was imminent, he tried to show his children the last glimpse of their father, but it was the date of his mother's lung surgery. While I was taking him to the hospital, my ex-husband passed away and I wondered if I should go to the funeral, but I was afraid to go for fear that false rumors would spread and I would be punished.

In response to the story of the storyteller who stopped the older child from going alone, Seo Jang-hoon said, "I know you feel like you can't go because you're scared, but isn't it right that the child should have gone to his father's funeral?" and the storyteller responded, "I was scared, scared, and unfair." He confessed his feelings of refusing to go to the funeral because he had so much to lose and so much to do.

In response to the storyteller's appeal asking whether he should solve the truth of the false rumors that are causing trouble for him or should he just pretend not to know and live his life, Soo-geun Lee said, "There is no need to talk about this for a long time. It's a stranger there now, so don't stress and don't worry about it. He advised, “I only want to live happily with my children, so there is no need to resolve misunderstandings on my own.” To the storyteller, who expressed her feelings of unfairness by saying, “I had a hard time because of false rumors, so I want to receive an apology,” Seo Jang-hoon said, “I understand how you feel, but receiving an apology is not worth it. “It’s impossible, so I’ll just focus on how I’m going to live with my kids,” he said, giving practical advice.

Lastly, Seo Jang-hoon added a request to the residents of his in-laws’ village, saying, “Don’t talk about other people you don’t know, and focus on your own life.”

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google