Gyu-ri Kim “I am a victim of political framing”
Gyu-ri Kim “I am a victim of political framing”
Actress Kim Gyu-ri said about the political controversy, “I am a victim.”

On the 26th, Kim Gyu-ri was interviewed at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and told various stories related to '1980'.

'1980' is about Cheolsu's extended family running a Chinese restaurant that opened in the back alley of Jeollanam-do Provincial Office on May 17, 1980. After the 12/12 military uprising, college students gathered at Seoul Station, the withdrawal of troops from Seoul Station, and protests in front of Jeonnam Provincial Office for three days from May 14, 1980, and then the story moves to a Chinese restaurant that opens without knowing anything. This is the story after ‘Spring in Seoul’, which mobilized 10 million moviegoers. In the play, Kim Gyu-ri appears as Cheolsu’s mother.

This is Kim Gyu-ri, who has made comments in the past that openly reveal her political inclinations. When asked if she had any worries about appearing in this movie, Kim Gyu-ri said, "When given a villain role, it sounds the same as asking if there is any pressure to play the villain." He added, "The actor chooses the work and doesn't choose any character. The actor appears in the work. “Why is it a problem to do it?” he said.

He continued, "If you put that person in a frame and judge that person, you can easily explain or judge that person and move on. But the reality is not easily defined by saying, 'You are this kind of person.' I don't know my life either. People who want to see me easily "I think he's saying that. I've been on the path to becoming an actor since I was young, so I think it's my destiny," he added.

Kim Gyu-ri revealed that she was harmed by the frame of being a 'political actor'. He smiled and replied, "I was harmed. I am a victim." But when I think about senior Kim Ui-seong, I don't think that way about his choice of work. Of course, I think it's because senior Kim Ui-seong has consistently worked on several works. I'm very active. “There are times when I write things down, but I think I have to work hard on my work,” he said.

'1980' will be released on the 27th.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google