Ham Eun-jung and Baek Seong-hyeon's radical first meeting
Ham Eun-jung and Baek Seong-hyeon's radical first meeting
‘We Are Profitable’ announced a good start.

The first episode of KBS 1TV's daily drama 'We Are Lost', which aired on the 25th, recorded a viewership rating of 12.6% (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on households nationwide), ranking first among all broadcast programs.

The first broadcast of the day featured Jin Soo-ji (played by Ham Eun-jung), who is recognized not only as a doctor, but also on TV.

When Joo-hee (played by Jin Tae-ryeong), a patient standing precariously on the rooftop railing, tried to make an extreme choice, Suzy saved the audience after a long period of persuasion, thrilling the small screen audience. Suzy was in the news for this incident, and was even depicted at the recording site of the 'Jin Suji's Mental Counseling Center' broadcast under her name, showing her true character as a star doctor.

Meanwhile, Jin Marie (Kim Hee-jung), the chairman of the board of directors at Hadeul Hospital, had a conversation with her secretary as if she was secretly looking for someone. A while later, Marie's husband, Han Jin-tae (played by Seonwoo Jae-deok), asked the secretary why she came to the house early in the morning, and she seemed evasive, arousing suspicion. It was a part that made me curious about future developments and what she was planning without her husband knowing.

The difficult journey of Suzy's younger sister Jin Na-young (played by Kang Byeol), who works as a reporter, was also depicted. After rolling around in the mud, she complained to the PD in the lobby of the broadcasting station, but all she got back was an indifferent response. It created a strange sense of tension by contrasting with the image of Suzy receiving affection from the director and PD a little later.

At the end of the broadcast, the dynamic first meeting between Suzy and Uri (played by Baek Seong-hyun) brought a lot of laughter. Suzy mistook us, who were looking at patient charts in the manager's room, for miscellaneous merchants, and opened the icebox we brought, asking what this was. However, the eels came out inside and the room became chaos. In particular, the ending scene where the two people fell among the jumping eels and Suzy on the floor punches us made us laugh.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google