Son Seok-gu, who started a one-man agency, does not accept juniors
Son Seok-gu, who started a one-man agency, does not accept juniors
Actor Son Seok-gu revealed that he received help from Ma Dong-seok during the process of establishing a one-man agency.

On the 22nd, Son Seok-gu met with Ten Asia at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and conducted an interview, telling various stories about the 'Comment Unit'.

Son Seok-gu established Stanum, a one-man agency and production company, in February. Regarding the reason for setting up a one-person agency, he said, "I wanted to create my own system. There are many things to do as an actor other than acting. I thought efficient and transparent communication between actors and companies was important. Each agency has its own system. “I wanted to organize everything in general,” he explained.

At the same time, he announced that he had no plans to train juniors. Son Seok-gu said, "I think the paradigm will change here too. Isn't there a system where you go through trainees like idol singers? In the case of actor agencies, I think there will be more people like me."

He said he received help from Ma Dong-seok in establishing a one-man agency. Son Seok-gu said, "When I saw Ma Dong-seok on set for 'Crime City 2,' I didn't feel like he was just an actor. I felt that this person was the producer and general manager of 'Crime City.' I learned a lot while watching. (Ma Dong-seok) 'Me and him.' “The material is similar. Try acting, directing, and producing. That’s the way to go these days. I asked for a lot of advice and received help. A lot of things related to production were concreted through watching my brother,” he said.

Son Seok-gu said, “We are still in the process of creating each piece,” and added, “There are two employees, including me.”

'Comment Unit' tells the story of what happens when an anonymous informant comes forward, accusing reporter Im Sang-jin (Son Seok-gu) of manipulating online public opinion, who was suspended after writing an article about a large company. Son Seok-gu plays Lim Sang-jin, a reporter who seeks reinstatement after being suspended for writing an article exposing the tyranny of large corporations.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google