Kim Young-dae renewed his contract with his current agency.
Kim Young-dae renewed his contract with his current agency.
Actor Kim Young-dae has renewed his contract with his agency Outer Universe.

Kim Young-dae's agency, Outer Universe, announced the contract renewal news on the 19th, saying, "Outer Universe and Kim Young-dae have renewed their contract and are preparing for a new leap forward."

Kim Young-dae is the first actor that CEO Won-wook discovered as a newcomer and turned him into a star. We have grown together since our debut in 2017 until now. Kim Young-dae said that he is grateful to CEO Won-wook and other executives and staff who recognized and guided him when he was a student studying abroad in China, but he had no intention of going into the entertainment industry. The CEO of the agency is sometimes referred to as a ‘good teacher.’

Wonwook, CEO of Outer Universe, said, "For an actor and a company to do well, there must be mutual gratitude both as human beings and as business partners. We have renewed our contract as a promise to continue to do so in the past and future." He continued, "As the content market is changing rapidly and diversity is required, the rules of success are also changing a lot. This cannot be done inertially. Therefore, the agency and the actor must communicate more closely, formulate a strategy together, and look at the same direction." “Kim Young-dae deeply sympathized with this,” he said, explaining the background to the contract renewal.

Kim Young-dae appeared in the dramas 'Extraordinary Findings', 'Penthouse' series, 'Shooting Star', 'Golden Marriage: Joseon Marriage Ban', and 'The Moon That Rises in the Day'. Recently, he was cast as the main character in famous Japanese director Isao Yukisada's film 'Perfect Family' and tvN's new drama 'Because I Don't Want to Lose', and finished filming.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google