“♥To meet Lee Hyewon’s parents” Ahn Jung-Hwan, the reason he cut his long hair
“♥To meet Lee Hyewon’s parents” Ahn Jung-Hwan, the reason he cut his long hair
Ahn Jung-hwan reveals the reason why he cut his hair after sticking to his 'long hair style' in the past.

In the 25th episode of Channel A's 'Family Beyond the Line', which will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 15th, the Korean-Mongolian international couple Lee Dae-yeol Daughter Moana's 2nd birthday party is held in 'Balinese style', and the 'Korea-Germany Early Football Match' presented by Lee Hang-pyo and Emily, the 'German New Sunnum Fam', a couple of the same age born in 2001, is held. Studio guests on this day include Lee Soo from Mongolia, Florian from Germany, and Sam Hammington from Australia, who specializes in commentary on Southeast Asia, who adds interesting explanations and insights about each country.

Lee Dae-yeol, who arrived in Ulaanbaatar after flying three and a half hours to meet his Mongolian girlfriend Zia, immediately heads to the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar where Zia's family lives. Lee Dae-yeol, who 'practiced hard' the Mongolian language he had been preparing until the last minute before entering, shares an awkward first greeting with his prospective wife's family and then eats. In particular, since this day was the day before 'Chagansar', the Mongolian New Year, various holiday foods were on the table, and Lee Dae-yeol was impressed by tasting Boz, a traditional Mongolian dumpling, as well as ham salad Zakok.

Ahn Jung-hwan, who was watching this, was surprised and said, “Wow, he’s eating well,” and then added, “When I first met (my wife’s family), I was nervous and didn’t eat well. “I didn’t know what to say, so I couldn’t eat,” he remembers. Ahn Jung-hwan continued, “At the time, I was sticking to the long-haired style, but no matter how much I thought about it before meeting (Lee Hye-won’s) parents, I thought they wouldn’t like it. So, after much thought, I cut my hair and met Hyewon Lee’s parents.” Lee Hye-won, who was listening to Ahn Jung-hwan's story, shocked everyone by suddenly revealing, "The long hair I cut back then came out of the freezer in a bag when I was living in Italy." When the question “Why?” arises, Ahn Jung-hwan offers his own explanation. On the other hand, Hyewon Lee vividly explains the situation at the time, saying, “I was so surprised and scared,” making everyone burst into laughter.

On the other hand, Lee Dae-yeol, who has tasted a generous holiday meal from his future wife's family, gives a 'K-style' New Year's greeting to his family and then cheerfully asks for 'New Year's money'. After a friendly first meeting, they enter the 'ger', a traditional Mongolian house, to pay homage to Jia's grandmother. A huge number of people are gathered inside the 'ger', causing Lee Dae-yeol to have a 'mental breakdown'. There is growing curiosity as to whether Lee Dae-yeol will be able to safely pay his respects to Jia's grandmother after going through 'greeting hell'.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google