Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yun-jin break up after 14 years of marriage, "divorce is being resolved"
Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yun-jin break up after 14 years of marriage, "divorce is being resolved"
Actor Lee Beom-soo (55) and interpreter Lee Yun-jin (41) are in the midst of divorce mediation.

On the 16th, Lee Beom-soo's agency, Y1 Entertainment, announced to Ten Asia, "The two are in the midst of divorce mediation." Regarding the reports that they were separating and details about their divorce, he said, "Please understand that we cannot confirm the details as they are private."

Previously, it was reported that Lee Yun-jin had applied for divorce mediation against Lee Beom-soo and was going through divorce proceedings. In addition, rumors of separation arose as Lee Beom-soo and his son are currently living in Seoul, and Lee Yun-jin is living in Bali, Indonesia with her daughter who is attending an international school.

This is not the first time there have been rumors of divorce between Lee Yun-jin and Lee Beom-soo. There were rumors of a divorce between the two in December last year, but the agency at the time denied it, saying, "It is not a divorce." However, the divorce was eventually acknowledged after three months.

Previously, Yunjin Lee posted a photo with the phrase "My first chapter has ended" on her social networking service (SNS) at the end of last year and tagged Beomsu Lee's SNS account. He also posted a video on his SNS story saying, "I have decided to stop being kind to the people closest to me who don't deserve my kindness," sparking rumors of a breakup.

Lee Beom-soo also deleted all posts from his SNS, and while organizing his follower list, the rumors of the two's breakup gained weight.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google