Ryu Jun-yeol "infringes on moral rights" → Han So-hee "apologizes to him", bitter aftertaste after admitting romantic relationship
Ryu Jun-yeol "infringes on moral rights" → Han So-hee "apologizes to him", bitter aftertaste after admitting romantic relationship
It's a relationship between a young man and a young woman that should be celebrated, but it somehow leaves a bitter aftertaste. Actor Ryu Jun-yeol (37) appealed for “protection of personal rights,” and actress Han So-hee (29) poured out unrefined emotions and said, “I will apologize to that person (Hyeri).”

Han So-hee was the first to open her mouth. Han So-hee acknowledged her romantic relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol through her blog early on the morning of the 16th, but strongly rejected the frame of 'transit love'. Han So-hee wrote about Ryu Jun-yeol, "It is true that we are continuing our relationship with good feelings," but added, "However, I would like you to exclude the word transfer."

At the same time, regarding the photo exhibition that was mentioned as the basis for the 'transit love', "It is true that we met through a photo exhibition, but that was for the purpose of viewing the exhibition through a friend of mine who is a photographer, and I heard that we might end up working together, so I stopped by to say hello. “It happened,” he explained. Han So-hee said, "At the time we exchanged our hearts, it was already the beginning of 2024, and the breakup with her (Hyeri) was finalized in early 2023, and I heard that the news about the breakup came out in November. Based on this fact, I changed my heart." “We confirmed this and continued our relationship,” he added.
Ryu Jun-yeol "infringes on moral rights" → Han So-hee "apologizes to him", bitter aftertaste after admitting romantic relationship
Ryu Jun-yeol "infringes on moral rights" → Han So-hee "apologizes to him", bitter aftertaste after admitting romantic relationship
In particular, Han So-hee promised to apologize to Ryu Jun-yeol's former girlfriend, actress Hye-ri (29, Lee Hye-ri), a former member of Girl's Day. On the 15th, when the romance rumor broke out, Hyeri left a meaningful comment on her SNS saying, "It's fun," and unfollowed Ryu Jun-yeol, causing a stir in the world.

In response, Han So-hee said, with a picture of a dog holding a knife in the background, "I don't like people who have a lover, don't give them space in the name of a friend, don't show interest in them, don't give them a relationship, and don't interfere with other people's relationships." “I like ‘dating’ programs, but they aren’t in my life. It’s fun for me too,” he said, expressing his stance on setting the edge.

Regarding this, Han So-hee said, "It's true that I was a slob. It was sloppy and lame. I should have just stayed quiet. I saw various rumors and stories saying that I had transferred, so I think I lost my temper for a while and committed a rude behavior. I also shared this with that person (Hyeri). “I will apologize,” he said.

Han So-hee has been rumored to be dating several male actors, but Ryu Jun-yeol is the first to admit their relationship and become an official couple. Han So-hee's first public relationship since her debut is going through a rough start, from explaining the 'transit dating rumor' to apologizing to her lover's ex-girlfriend.

The same goes for Ryu Jun-yeol. Ryu Jun-yeol chose to make his agency's official statement by acknowledging his romantic relationship with Han So-hee. C-JeS Studio, Ryu Jun-yeol's agency, emphasized on the 16th, "Ryu Jun-yeol has confirmed good feelings for Han So-hee since the beginning of this year and has been meeting them. After the breakup, Ryu Jun-yeol got to know Han So-hee and recently confirmed his feelings for her."

However, the agency mentioned 'violation of moral rights' during this process. C-JeS Studio said, "We asked for respect for privacy rather than official confirmation of unauthorized filming and eyewitness accounts at travel destinations, but as the relationship was not acknowledged, unnecessary misunderstandings and speculations were rampant yesterday and today, and the actor's personality rights are being seriously violated." “In order to protect the actor’s personal rights, we will not take a position on each and every request to reveal and prove his personal life.”

However, this position continues to be controversial. It is pointed out that checking whether an actor is in a romantic relationship is a request to reveal and prove his private life in detail. In addition, many say that such complaints of damage are somewhat excessive, given that the eyewitness account was not the result of an invasion of the actor's private space, but rather took place at a hotel swimming pool, that is, a public place.

Of course, from Ryu Jun-yeol's perspective, it may feel harsh that eyewitness accounts of him were spread all over the Internet while he was on vacation on his own schedule to recharge. However, this is also the fate of actors who work based on the love of the public and enjoy great wealth. Some say that if Ryu Jun-yeol didn't want his relationship to be made public, he shouldn't have dated Han So-hee at the hotel swimming pool, which is a public place.

Previously, on the 15th, an eyewitness report said that Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol were enjoying a trip together in Hawaii, sparking romance rumors in Hawaii. A netizen who said he was traveling in Hawaii said, "Popular Korean actors are hanging out next to the hotel swimming pool," and tagged "Reply 1988" and "I Know," to remind them of Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee. This raised suspicions that the two were traveling together, and it was confirmed that the two were actually staying in Hawaii.

However, while both agencies acknowledged the couple's stay in Hawaii, they did not reveal their position on the suspicions regarding their romantic relationship, citing it as "the actor's private life," further amplifying public interest in the relationship between the two.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google