19th Sunja sheds tears at Yeongcheol's change of mind
19th Sunja sheds tears at Yeongcheol's change of mind
A wind of change is blowing through the 19th love line of ‘I am SOLO’.

Ahead of the broadcast on the 20th, ENA and SBS Plus' real dating program 'I am SOLO' released a trailer showing the romance of the 19th generation of born-and-solo people who burn as hot as a flame in 'Love Camp'.

This trailer begins with Sun-ja's dejected appearance after winning the 'Loneliness Ceremony' due to Yeong-cheol's change of mind. Sunja asks Youngcheol how he feels after returning from a date with Youngsook, saying, “You were happy today?” and Youngcheol replies, “I was a little happy.” Sunja sheds tears at Yeongcheol’s words, and Yeongcheol makes a meaningful comment, “It won’t change even there.” 3MC, who saw Sunja's sad tears, said "Oh my~", and Defconn said, "I'm crying like chicken shit again..." “He says he is ‘over-immersed.’

Young-ho, who was appealing to Hyun-suk, exudes his manly charm by saying, “Then let’s hold hands a little today,” and Hyun-suk, who bursts out laughing, gives Young-ho’s hand with a shy smile. The two people hold each other's hands while smiling 'shamefully'.

Following this, Ok-sun and Sang-cheol also exude a friendly mood like a couple. Sang-cheol looked at Ok-soon’s cell phone photo and asked, “Who is this person?” Lee Yi-kyung, who was watching the two people’s sweet date, joked, “It came out well,” and said, “They look like lovers!” “I laugh when I see it~” he cheers. Ok-sun even confesses, “I feel like I’m developing a rational crush,” and a new change is sensed in the love line centered on Ok-soon.

Meanwhile, Sunja, who was in tears in front of Yeongcheol, bursts into laughter in front of Gwangsu. In front of a roaring fire, Gwangsu powerfully appeals, “You have to go straight, of course!” and Sunja applauds, saying, “That’s cool!”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google