‘Detective Conan’ voice actor Lee Woo-ri dies at age 24
‘Detective Conan’ voice actor Lee Woo-ri dies at age 24
Voice actor Lee Woo-ri (real name Lee Jin-hee) passed away on the 14th. Age 24.

According to a broadcaster on the 16th, voice actor Lee Dal-rae, a member of the Tooniverse Voice Actor Association (CJ ENM Voice Actor Association), recently posted a post on her SNS under the name of ‘All Tooniverse 11th Voice Actors’, saying, “Our precious youngest voice actor, the late (late) Woori Lee, has passed away on March 14th.” “I would like to inform you that he has passed away.”

He continued, "It is difficult for all fellow voice actors and staff to hide their sadness due to the sudden and unfortunate news," and added, "At the request of the bereaved family, we are delivering the final news of the deceased, who always cared and loved his fans."

In addition, he said, "The funeral will be held mainly for family and colleagues," and added, "To all the fans who love voice actor Woori Lee and remember his acting, please join us in praying that our beloved friend can rest in peace there."

Woori Lee joined the 11th group of Tooniverse voice actors selected by CJ ENM in 2021. At the time, he was only 21 years old and was known as the youngest male voice actor in Korea.

After becoming a voice actor, he participated in animations such as ‘Detective Conan’, ‘Crayon Shin-chan’, and ‘Mysterious Apartment’. He also voiced game characters in games such as 'Genshin', 'Dungeon & Fighter', and 'Cookie Run: Kingdom'.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google