Song Eun-yi participates in joint response to 'celebrity impersonation and phishing'
Song Eun-yi participates in joint response to 'celebrity impersonation and phishing'
Song Eun-yi takes joint action to solve the crime of impersonating celebrities.

Recently, the crime of impersonating celebrities has been rampant online, regardless of whether they are former or current presidents, business leaders, entertainers, YouTubers, etc. On the 15th, Song Eun-yi announced through her agency that she would actively participate in solving the crime, saying, “I hope that no one will be harmed by raising awareness of the seriousness of celebrity impersonation and phishing crimes.”

Song Eun-yi, instructor Mi-kyung Kim, Professor Young-ik Kim of Sogang University, Dottie (Youtuber), John Lee (former CEO of Meritz Asset Management), Jin-hyung Joo (former CEO of Hanwha Investment & Securities), and Hyun-hee Hwang formed the main team to solve the crime of online phishing impersonating celebrities. The 'Meeting for the Future' (hereinafter referred to as Yusamo) will hold an official press conference at the press conference room on the 19th floor of the Press Center at 2:30 pm on the 22nd.

On this day, Yusamo issues a statement announcing the seriousness of online phishing crimes impersonating celebrities and urging platforms and the government to make efforts to resolve them. Celebrities are expected to speak about the actual damage they are experiencing from impersonation crimes, current online platform system problems and lukewarm responses, and legal and institutional issues.

As of the 12th, the number of people who expressed their intention to participate in the current statement exceeded 100. From the academic world, professors Jang Dong-seon, Ahn Yu-hwa, Kim Kyeong-il, and Choi Jae-bun participated, and from the entertainment industry, Kim Nam-gil, Kim Go-eun, Baek Ji-young, Kim Sook, Hong Jin-kyung, Jin Seon-gyu, Eom Jeong-hwa, Haha, Kim Young-cheol, and Shin Ae-ra decided to join. Among YouTubers, Kim Dong-hwan, CEO of Sampro TV, Kim Seong-hoe (Kim Seong-hoe's G Food Encyclopedia), and Kim Blue (Bad Boy Kim Blue) participated. The number of people expressing their intention to participate continues to increase.

Celebrity impersonation fraud, which began in earnest last year, is spreading exponentially through platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, KakaoTalk, and Naver Band. According to the National Police Agency's tally, the number of cases of illegal activity in investment leading rooms, including celebrity impersonation fraud, exceeded 1,000 from September to December of last year alone, and the amount of damage exceeded 120 billion won.

Yusamo said, “It is not just an illegal reading room, but voice phishing is an ‘online phishing’ crime that has moved online. Currently, Meta and Google do not have a system to filter impersonation advertisements in advance, so celebrities are being caught defenseless. He pointed out the current situation, saying, “Even with post-reporting, the platform responds lukewarmly or if one is removed, 10 fraudulent advertisements are created, so there is virtually no solution.”

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google