Former Oh My Girl Jin-i explains controversy over aespa's 'Karina ridicule'
Former Oh My Girl Jin-i explains controversy over aespa's 'Karina ridicule'
Jin-i, a former member of the group Oh My Girl, explained the controversy surrounding the mocking of Espa Carina.

On the 13th, Jin-i said, "I really thought a lot about where to start the story. I was worried that my explanation would be an excuse, so I couldn't say anything even as the story grew bigger. I'm sorry."

He continued, "I decided that I couldn't just watch and hide for the sake of the people who believed in me despite the stories I couldn't handle for a few days, and the people who were harmed by this. I am so grateful for the good interest and support, but for the negative attention. "I didn't post anything like that. I don't have a non-account. I admit there was a mistake in my expression," he said.

He also said, "The original intention was that after the article about the dating rumor, many stories were heard from people around me. I thought that excessive criticism was being exchanged against the member I was most interested in in the group, and I was upset because I knew his position even better. However, in this process, "I used the expression 'I'm going crazy' to mean 'I hope everyone will stop.' I should have been careful, but I wasn't. I once again apologize to the people and fans who were harmed by my words and actions," he added.

Jin-i recently posted about Karina's relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook, saying, "Karina Karina Karina Nanlin Rina." Afterwards, fans pointed out that Jin-i mocked Karina.

When the post became controversial, Jin-i deleted it and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry if it seemed rude. As my favorite member, I meant it as a disappointment."

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google