[Exclusive] Kim Ok-vin's younger sister' Chae Seo-jin gets married in April
[Exclusive] Kim Ok-vin's younger sister' Chae Seo-jin gets married in April
Actress Chae Seo-jin marries a handsome man.

According to Ten Asia coverage on the 14th, Chae Seo-jin will marry her non-celebrity lover somewhere in Seoul in April. The two decided to form a relationship as a couple based on their strong faith and love for each other. The ceremony will be held privately with relatives and acquaintances of both families invited.

Chae Seo-jin debuted in the 2006 MBC drama 'Over the Rainbow', followed by dramas 'Lingerie Girls' Generation', 'Coffee Please Please', 'Yeonnam-dong Family', movies 'Will You Be There', and 'Late Night Cafe: Missing Honey'. Appeared in etc. He is the younger brother of actor Kim Ok-vin, and her real name is Kim Go-un. The sisters' similar appearances became a hot topic.

Chae Seo-jin will appear in the drama 'King of Fortune', which will be released on Watcha on the 15th. ‘King of fortune telling’ is a fantasy fortune telling mystery drama based on the Eastern fortune telling theory. The story of a genius fortune teller and a girl Bodhisattva solving various cases through fortune telling. It is based on the web novel ‘I Became a Genius Fortune Teller’. Chae Seo-jin plays the role of shaman Min So-i in this drama. Chae Seo-jin's return to acting is two years after the movie 'Midnight Cafe: Missing Honey'.

Chae Seo-jin plans to spend this spring busy both as an actress and as a new bride.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google