‘1.59 million YouTuber’ Hibab “My mother strongly opposes mukbang, and I haven’t contacted her for a year.”
‘1.59 million YouTuber’ Hibab “My mother strongly opposes mukbang, and I haven’t contacted her for a year.”
Park Soo-hong meets YouTuber Hebab, who has 1.59 million subscribers.

Park Soo-hong and Hibab will appear as the fourth guest on the YouTube talk show 'Night Hong Restaurant', which will be released on the 7th.

Park Soo-hong prepared a hamburger for Hibab, who is a big eater. He handcrafts a special hamburger with a handmade patty, shrimp, tripe, etc., saying, “I will prepare enough to avoid an embarrassing situation where there is not enough food.” Hibab eats half of the hamburger in his hand in just two bites, and Park Soo-hong expresses satisfaction by saying, "Hibab is really refreshing. My wife also eats it without waiting when I make it for her, and it looks pretty."

Hibab honestly confesses the difficulties he faced while pursuing the path of a mukbang creator. He said, "I didn't contact my mother for a year when she told me to quit. She was very opposed to it at first. She was really worried that she would get hurt because it was a job where her face would be exposed."

But even his parents couldn't break Hibab's strong will. He added, "I started it as a hobby while preparing for a job after graduating from college. My mom didn't like it, but I thought I should do what I want because I only have one life."

As expected from a prestigious university, Hibab also surprisingly reveals his Chinese skills. Hibab also confesses the difficulties he faces as a mukbang YouTuber. If you don't show yourself eating as much as you usually do on broadcast, people around you won't react well. He said, "I don't like eating only one type of food. Today, I only ate three burgers and tried to eat another food for the second time. But when he looked at me like this, he said, 'You can't eat as much as I thought?' “There are people who say, ‘I only eat a lot on TV.’ There’s a lot of occupational stress like this,” he says.

Hibab's extraordinary appetite brings great joy and vicarious satisfaction to fans. However, there are also many voices concerned about Hibab's health. Regarding this, Hibab said, "I do regular health checkups every year because my fans are worried," and added, "But it's difficult to take medicine before the intestinal checkup."

Hibab made Park Soo-hong laugh by saying, "I didn't know he was a comedian, but I thought he was a handsome MC," and Park Soo-hong responded, "I came this far with my real looks. There's nothing to it." In addition, Hibab's specific ideal type and marriage plans will be revealed through the 4th episode of 'Yahong Restaurant', which will be released at 6 PM on the 7th.

Meanwhile, 'Yahong Restaurant' is a YouTube talk show where Park Soo-hong shares a warm meal with his close friends and has candid conversations. Park Soo-hong's close friends, including Kim Kook-jin, Jang Seong-gyu, and Park Kyung-rim, appeared and had honest conversations.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google