Lee Chan-won, the total number of official YouTube views is about to surpass 400 million views
Lee Chan-won, the total number of official YouTube views is about to surpass 400 million views
Singer Lee Chan-won is on the verge of surpassing 400 million views on his official YouTube channel.

As of the morning of the 7th, Lee Chan-won's official YouTube channel has surpassed 390 million views in total and continues to break records with close to 400 million views. Previously, the number of members in Lee Chan-won's official fan cafe exceeded 60,000. Along with the influx of fans, YouTube views are also on the rise.

Lee Chan-won's 'Jintobaegi' stage video exceeded 12.09 million views, the fan song 'Oh.Nae.Eon.Sa', which is an abbreviation for 'I love you today, tomorrow and always', received 7.03 million views, and the choir version music video for 'Sky Lantern' exceeded 1.69 million views. It achieved great results by being included in the top 100 popular music videos in Korea on YouTube.

Not only music videos and sound recordings, but also a wide range of contents such as Lee Chan-won's concerts and behind-the-scenes entertainment containing daily life before and after filming are uploaded through the official YouTube channel, leading to an increase in the influx of fans. The recently released 'Immortal Songs in US Behind' is being cited as another point of interest as it contains the honest side of Lee Chan-won, the MZ born in 1996, who was not seen on broadcast.

Lee Chan-won's hard work, which goes beyond entertainment and covers YouTube, is expected to be prosperous this spring as well. Chan-won Lee not only represents the face of the two programs 'Immortal Songs' and 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', but he also continues his veteran MC skills in the newly appointed T-Cast E Channel entertainment program 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary'.

While Lee Chan-won's 'Jinttobaegi' progress ahead of the 4th anniversary of his debut on the 14th is positive, Lee Chan-won plans to continue to shine in his main job through various entertainment shows and stages.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google